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Autobiographical incident--Tramatic incident of falling in my backyard pool. This is an incident that I had to write about for English.

l, I didn't have much harm done to me other than some water up the nose."Evette, will you PLEASE go swimming with me?" I pleaded."Fine, go get your swimsuit on.""Yeaaaaaaa......!"When I was five years ... wimsuit on.""Yeaaaaaaa......!"When I was five years old, there was nothing more exciting than going swimming with my big sister, Evette. Swimming with my dad was all right, but swimming with Evette wa ...

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Leadership and how it plays a role in life.

er leadership quality I possess and have great appreciation for is my captainship for my swim team. Swimming is a huge part of my life that I could never live without. It affects everything I do from ...

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Service and how its involved in life.

and proudly represented my school at the high school meets. I had an article written about Chariho swimming, which gathered more interest into the sport. I recruited another swimmer and we now proudl ... the time of their lives and loving every minute of it. I am trying to teach them the techniques of swimming, but also other life lessons. We incorporate things like sharing, commitment, and responsib ...

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Personal achievement essay.

s!" his mother replied.She signed him up for forty more lessons! Dylan is seven and I have been his swimming teacher for five and a half months now. Even though Dylan may only be seven years old his i ...

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Business Plan

9679; The benefits to customers;Self power making Learn-to-Swim system provides a complete range of swimming aids and accessories for children learning to swim. We understand that all children are dif ... arket statistics because these are the most suitable generation with the strong motivation to learn swimming.Parents. They are one of the most important final purchase decision makers for children.Edu ...

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An intervention into the novel "Making the Most of it"

and waving their arms in the air. Three years after working for sAssy, Nina took another chance at swimming. This was it...Nina's chance to show off her skills...this was the extreme comeback. This t ... four; a fifteen year old girl named True. She wasn't much older than Nina when she had first begun swimming at competitions. The gun went off with a bang and releasing her tight grip on the wall, Nin ...

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A Comparison of the Main Characters in "Araby" and "The Swimmer"

o face reality. During a party on a sunny Sunday afternoon he decided to swim through his county by swimming through each person's pool. He starts off as a strong vibrant man, but finds himself tired ...

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The Morning Time.

xperimenting with workout schedules in an attempt to unravel the secrets of defeating time.My first swimming race was when I was ten years old and an avid hockey player. My parents, fearing that I wou ... ockey player. My parents, fearing that I would get injured, redirected my athletic direction toward swimming. Three weeks into my new swimming endeavor, I somehow persuaded my coach to let me enter th ...

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A loss hard fought is often more valuable than victory.

e more valuable than a victory. In the end you gain more than you bargain for.I have always enjoyed swimming. I go to the pool regularly and feel very free. I jump into the pool thinking that I'm bett ... ther girl comes. I can sense the challenge between us; I fling down the gauntlet and we race. While swimming, I can feel the heat rising in my cheeks and the sweat coming out of my face underwater. I ...

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This is an essay I had to write describing an experience of a memorable experience and describing a time in your life... A discriptive-memoir type.

sh,swim, play football and basketball. We always did everything as a group.That summer, we all went swimming in my pool at least twenty-five times.Every afternoon, we would play a game of basketball o ... l at least twenty-five times.Every afternoon, we would play a game of basketball or football then goswimming afterwards at my house. I had an Olympic size pool with a springydiving board and a ten-foo ...

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The Science behind Swimming. Assignment was to analyze and explain in an essay what allows humans to swim.

did this happen? This paper explores the reason behind this and other examples while explaining how swimming is possible.The human body's weight is 70% water. This is the biggest reason why swimming i ... they are. If humans were to swim in something heavier than water, there would be no diving or deep swimming because going deeper would be almost impossible to do and maintain. Very salty water is an ...

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winter and spring. The Sharks Swim Team, which I coach almost year round, is an USS (United States Swimming) based program and participated by those swimmers who more dedicated and competitive. These ...

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s his example that the style of strokes dives and turns are dramatically different at the different swimming levels. It is this difference in technique that really distinguishes the higher levels of s ... rence in technique that really distinguishes the higher levels of swimming from the lower levels of swimming. The technique is what that leads to the faster speeds and difference of appearance between ...

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College Report

have performed. In the past 8 years of my life I have experienced the greatest achievement through swimming on the swim team. I compete on my own level -my best. My life is situated around swimming. ... cording to these times, I put our fastest swimmers in each event. I put people who are dedicated to swimming, but may not be as fast as the others.Also as captain of the team I have organized a phone ...

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During swim season last year, we had many hard swim

that if we pull a stunt like that agian then he would make it so each team member would take turns swimming the most difficult events in the next meet. Swimmers messed up in their events and didn't s ...

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The Swimming Pool

dle of summer the heat was so miserable that our family had decided to go and cool off at the local swimming pool. It was so hot that day, when you stepped outside you instantly felt the heat and star ... . The sun was so hot you could feel the heat on your skin trying to turn it red. When we got to the swimming pool you could hear the children laughing and splashing in the water. You could smell the c ...

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Banning Progress in the World of Swimming

. This all sounds ridiculous; however, it is ridiculously true.At the annual 2009 Convention of USA Swimming Delegates, representing clubs from all 50 states, an overwhelming vote had been cast for ea ... that is on Jan 1st of 2010, will be the same response from the NCAA, FINA, and numerous high school swimming organizations, including New York’s PSAL. The USA Swimming ban will take effect on Oct ...

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