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Children, TV, and Violence

e is very scary and very real. Why is it then that America has the most crime and violence. Why not Switzerland or Australia. Are we not as civilized and advanced as they? I believe it is this numbnes ...

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The Writing On The Wall (is graffiti an art form?)

individualism.Is graffiti an Art Form?. There is an anonymous man, who I will refer to as Dain, in Switzerland who is an 'artist', in the commonly known sense of the word. He does sculptures, oil pai ...

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ritten by: The ProphetEdited by: The MetallianLebanon, a nation that once proudly called itself the Switzerland of theMiddle East, is today a country in name only. Its government controlslittle more t ...

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In this Research paper titled "Jean-Luc Godard" I wrote about Godards life making artsy movies in France.

-Luc Godard was born into a wealthy Swiss family in France in 1930. His parents sent him to live in Switzerland when war broke out, but in the late 40's he returned to Paris to study ethnology at the ... lleagues (his mutual disaffection with Truffaut, for example, is well documented).He left Paris for Switzerland, which has been his home for the last 20 years. Fascinated with developments in new medi ...

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Switzerland during WW II

Switzerland during World War IISwitzerland, neutralized by the Congress of Vienna (1815), has before ... ld War II stood as an example of a perpetually neutral state. Swiss neutrality basically means that Switzerland is committed never to take part in any conflict that may arise in the future, and in cas ... ar, be ready to enforce militarily its independence and neutral status. (Chavallez) But is this how Switzerland really reacted as a neutral country during 1939-1945? In this paper I am going to try to ...

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Albert Einstein.

Einstein lived as a boy in Munich and Milan, continued his studies at the cantonal school at Aarau, Switzerland, and was graduated (1900) from the Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich. Later h ...

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Switzerland's view on Debt Relief for Africa.

Switzerland recognizes and acknowledges the problem of debt relief in Africa. We have been playing a ... organization needs to be created and it would follow guidelines put forth by this committee. Switzerland believes that an international organization needs to be created to handle and mange all ... country is approved for debt reduction, an individually designed program should be created. Switzerland recognizes and detests money laundering and corruption found in government. Currently in ...

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Switzerland's view on Trade Barriers in Africa.

Switzerland acknowledges the problems that Africa faces and offers her condolences. We wish to see a ... out these talks, we only have one main concern: sovereignty. Historically and traditionally, Switzerland has been the land of equality and neutrality. Trade was not controlled. Therefore, domes ... tically produced products were given preferential treatment. In light of these recent developments, Switzerland has noticed increased tensions about maintaining our national sovereignty and the sovere ...

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The League of Nations study notes which has a lot of info on the League and answers questions about it: why it was set up, the structure of the league and more.

which all members of the league agreed to follow.The home of the League of Nations was in Geneva in Switzerland.The league was mainly based around four main aims which would bring around peace and imp ...

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A Glance at the Internet

United States government. In 1989, the World Wide Web began as a project by physics researchers in Switzerland to dictribute research results over the Internet to other physicists. Today, the Interne ...

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Comparison of Switzerland and the Netherlands

Have you ever stepped back and taken a look to see if two very different countries like Switzerland and the Netherlands have anything in common with each other? These two western European ... low lying that it would be flooded if global warming melted polar icecaps and raised the sea level."Switzerland is famous for its great snow-capped mountains: the Alps and the Jura. There are no mount ... he Alps and the Jura. There are no mountains in the Netherlands and hardly any large rolling hills. Switzerland is 60% made up of mountains whereas in the Netherlands 60% is the amount of land that is ...

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TV Violence and it's effecvt on children

ce is very scary and very real. Why is itthen that America has the most crime and violence. Why not Switzerland orAustralia. Are we not as civilized and advanced as they? I believe it is thisnumbness ...

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Essay on Saint Ronald

, especially healing soldiers.He led a group of Capuchins to preach to Calvinists and Zwinglians in Switzerland.The success of this work, and lack of violence suffered by mission was attributed to Fid ... at Sigmaringen, Hohenzollern, Germany as Mark Rey he died on the 24 April 1622 at Grusch, Grisons, Switzerland.He was canornised in 1746 by Pope Benedict XIV

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ious levels. This was acknowledged at the world conference on information society held in Geneva in Switzerland towards the end of 2003. Zambia though represented at the conference needs to do a lot i ...

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Caesar's campaigns in Gaul.

58 BC, when the Helvetii and several neighboring peoples began a mass migration from their homes in Switzerland. He waged numerous campaigns, costing the lives of an estimated two million men, women, ... what corresponds to the modern countries of France, Belgium, and Holland.The Helvetii migrated from Switzerland because the population increased and their country became to small therefore they propos ...

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A comparision between the Swiss and Australian economy

don't decrease dramatically. Their high franc is also useful to all industries due to the fact that Switzerland itself doesn't have many types of resources, so their high franc can buy more resources ... used to create products for export. Their interest rate is also extremely low, as is unemployment. Switzerland can attract people to put money into their banks and institutions due to their stability ...

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River Rhine Case Study

ong but it's a major artery in Europe. It flows through six countries on its way from its source in Switzerland, to the North Sea. It is heavily populated with 50 million people live along its banks i ... cargo by barge and ocean-going vessels. It's navigable by pleasure boats right up to Rhinefelden in Switzerland.The Rhine is under pressure from a variety of sources. Find out what these sources are a ...

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My European Journey

pe for the first time. For threeweeks I traveled through England, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. During thecourse of my trip, I saw many different places, tried new things, and ha ...much more pleasant, and I was even able to enjoy the scenery.The final stop of our trip was Switzerland. In Switzerland, we went to a wood-carving museum where we saw how cuckoo clocks an ...

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Is Hong Kong suitable to be Asia Switzerland?

bank craft, he claims that Hong Kong , that we can't being a copy cat of Singapore and Shanhai, but Switzerland, it is the right place for Hong Kong to learn and set it as a target.So, can Hong Kong b ... it is the right place for Hong Kong to learn and set it as a target.So, can Hong Kong be the Asian Switzerland? According to the analysis by Mr. John, there are lots of similar factors between Hong K ...

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onia by wading into an icy river, which failed to no extent. (Kuenning) Tchaikovsky then escaped to Switzerland where in early March 1878 Yosif Yosifovich*, a violinist and former student of Tchaikovs ...

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