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Cleaning up after the exxon valdez was a mistake

most instances to sites where no oil had come ashore, say NOAA's chief scientist, marine biologist Sylvia Earle. Treated beaches are clearly in the worst shape.(Kerr) In conclusion there will most li ... r the press and the media. Pressure washing only killed the organisms and plants on the shorelines. Sylvia Earle says: "Sometimes the best, and ironically the most difficult, thing to do in the face o ...

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Oceanic Fishery

'Mission Blue' Warning: The Ocean Is Not Too Big to FailSylvia A. Earle / 8.5.14 / ...

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Ocean Essay

cean is so big; researchers say that not even half of the ocean has been explored yet. I agree with Sylvia Earle's argument. I believe that oceans do need to be protected along with all life forms ins ...

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