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Accounts of Eros in the Plato's "Symposium"

word love.However, the word itself wasn't the only thing that was different about love. In Plato's 'Symposium', there is a celebration for Agathon. He had just won a dramatic contest in Athens, Greece ... n how love takes the shape of a god, and how it has influenced the evolution of human kind. In the 'Symposium', Socrates gives the most sensible account of eros when he quotes Diotima , even though to ...

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The Symposium, A Philosophers Guide to Love

ation of love and there has yet to be one who understands it's powers fully. As we see from Plato's Symposium, even the wisest of men in a time when the search for knowledge was seen as the pathway to ...

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In Plato's Symposium, Socrates describes many aspects of the true nature of Love and the objects of Love's desires.

During his final speech to praise love in Plato's Symposium, Socrates describes many aspects of the true nature of Love and the objects of Love's desi ...

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The title is "Symposium" Diotimas view on reproduction , love, the nature of eros, and beauty

Eros, possibly one of the most difficult words for man to define, is cleverly studied in Plato's "Symposium". Philosophy is the most perfect form of love, in fact, since the philosopher is the lover ... her questioning she has managed to explain beauty, Eros, sexuality and reproduction. Throughout the Symposium, many speakers attempted to describe and praise Eros. Each stated what they felt to be tru ...

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Symposium: Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization.

Article: Symposium: Pros and cons of marijuana legalizationShould marijuana be legalized? In the article "Sym ...

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Friendship and Love: Aristotle's View vs Plato's

most prevalent. In numerous compositions, including Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and Plato's The Symposium, these themes are recurrent as the main topics of discussion. Aristotle believes friendshi ... n ruler and subjects.Friendship is also closely related to the central theme of love in Plato's The Symposium. Each character in the play discusses his view about the nature of love. "A marked feature ...

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Ancient Greece and Homosexuality

uals are born and not made... can be found in Aristophanes' myth of human sexual origins in Plato's Symposium which states that we were once perfect and self-sufficient physical beings. We had the cir ...

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nd what is in its nature to do.· Freud was a great admirer of Plato and in particular of the Symposium, which can be seen when he once said 'I align my concept of the libido with the divine Ero ...

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The Good life.

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The Origin of Sexual Attraction and Love: Plato's Symposium - Aristophanes' speech as a reflection of ancient sexuality

its own views and attitudes on sexuality and love. Aristophanes' speech in the philosopher Plato's Symposium, written around 400 BC, embodied the origin of eros - love, sexual attraction, and desire. ... They felt this could be done by achieving perfection through unity and balance within eros. Plato's Symposium provides a basis for understanding the origin of sexual attraction and love in ancient Gre ...

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Homosexuality, Nature or Nurture?

such as Socrates, and Aristophanes, which is discussed in the setting of Plato's dialogues of "The Symposium." In these dialogues, they discuss certain gender issues to explain the phenomenon of sexu ... ies that make them that way, they are still trying to prove the same point.In the dialogues of "The Symposium," Socrates discusses the nature of homosexuality. Many of the great philosophers that we r ...

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of an IQ test.

What is intelligence? Sattler describes a famous symposium conducted in 1921 at which 13 psychologists gave 13 different definitions of intelligence ...

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Plato Orates the Lover as Blessed

ed here on Earth. Socrates in his reasoning and through the dialogue between him and Diotima in The Symposium concluded that love was not necessarily the need for our 'other half' but is directed towa ...

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The Laws of Plato: Sophrosune and Symposium

concept of Sophrosune, the first two books of The Laws, the Athenian Stranger refers to the act of symposium or "drinking parties". It is suggested that drinking wine can be considered a political ar ... tates education as the "first among the noblest things" (644a) and given that it tests ones limits, symposium is used as a form of 'restriction teaching', in other words moderating.Elaborating on the ...

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The Handmaids Tale -historical Notes

The Epilogue is a transcript of a symposium held in 2195. The Republic of Gilead is now a dead republic. Offred's story been published ...

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Love in Plato's Symposium

thing that an educated person would believe. The first example is from the speech of Phaedrus from "Symposium." He says that when you see your lover do something shameful or you do something shameful ... be firm in your belief and not change it.The second example is from the speech of Pausanias out of "Symposium." He states that there are two kinds of love, heavenly and common. He says that common lov ...

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The Holes in the Myth

The Holes in the MythFlora ReneauIn The Symposium, written by Plato, there are several speeches made, all of which focus on the concept of l ...

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