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Applications of Silicon

es, grains, rice, and beer have been shown to contain significant amounts of silicon. Silicone is a synthetic form of silicon and includes 40% silicon by weight. The silicones are synthetic polymers a ...

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Silicone Implant History

yriad of medical uses.During the early years, animal studies showed that a whole series of familiar synthetic materials, nylon, Teflon®, Mylar®, polyester, silicone and polyethylene, could be ... cal response. The excellent implant behavior of a number of materials fueled the thinking that most synthetic polymers would be safe.Initial small scale manufacturing of breast implants began in the e ...

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The Effects of High Gas Prices

prices, and the crude oil is the raw material of most important chemical products such as nylon and synthetic polymers, which are inputs of most industry products. Consequently, the hike of the crude ...

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NSW HSC CHEMISTRY - the development of rubber and electrolysis of Sodium Hydroxide the products and their uses.

y was interrupted by the conflict between the countries. Scientists in Germany and the US developed synthetic polymers that could replace rubber. Even after the war ended the traditional sources of na ... war ended the traditional sources of natural rubber could not meet the greatly increased demand, so synthetic rubbers dominated the market.Natural rubber [poly-cis-isoprene(C5H8)n]. the latex consists ...

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Plastic Recycling

stics that vary widely and can be used for different purposes. We can define plastic "as a group of synthetic resins or other substances that can be moulded into any form" (1, p.10). Molecules determi ... ymers used in the world today" (1, p.14).The polymer industry began in the 1870s; however the first synthetic polymer was created in 1909 by Leo Baekeland (3). Following this discovery there was a gre ...

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