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A great article on the early and late life of Karl Marx....also includes information on the communist manifesto

at identical views on the nature of revolutionary problems. They began a collaboration to elucidate systematically the theoretical principles of communism and to organize an international working-clas ...

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Life is Art

tation of my argument refuting his coveted quote, but more importantly, it is also a story of how I systematically destroyed his outlook on life (and his opinion of me, atleast until he cools off!).'L ...

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Computer Viruses

ts host code is run. If a virus if found, you shouldn't panic or be in a hurry, and you should work systematically. Don't rush!A Viruse may be classified by it's method of concealment (hiding). Some a ...

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In Plato's Symposium, Socrates describes many aspects of the true nature of Love and the objects of Love's desires.

m, Socrates describes many aspects of the true nature of Love and the objects of Love's desires. By systematically contradicting and invalidating the preceding arguments, Socrates establishes a contra ...

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Theory and Reseach Methods

ed article entitled 'Horatio Alger lives'. Social research is a collection of methods people use to systematically combine theories and ideas to produce knowledge. Because of it's complexity, research ...

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The following essay stresses the importance of teaching literary theory to students in the secondary schools, allowing them to see the world from multiple perspectives.

t as lightning he clasped the fly in his hand before it could escape. Then, without provocation, he systematically and adroitly tore its wings off, his face expressionless like a mask. He quickly drew ...

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The Lottery, a response to the short story 'The Lottery' written by shirley jackson (1919-1965) Thesis statement: The people of the community have no real knowledge of this barbaric ceremony.

apparent this community is very weak-minded. Even the way they congregated at the lottery was done systematically in a sexist way. This community could be convinced to do anything. There are so many ...

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The Others

the inferior type, the non-person, the non-agent--in short the mere body. Women's selfhood has been systematically subordinated, diminished, and belittled. I do not want to apply the feministic traces ...

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Three Kingdoms and Unified Silla - Korean History

f noble blood. Political and social structures such as governments, councils, and the military were systematically put in place, and removed at will by the power of the throne solely based on how it a ...

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Capital Punishment

sity Law Professor James S. Liebman states that "American capital sentences are so persistently and systematically fraught with error" (Liebman et al., par. 2). In "A Broken System: Error Rates in Cap ...

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The nativaeamerican experience, according to Fredrick Turner's accounts, analyzed according to Rousseau's Social Contract

ugh the construction of a "dual colonialist-colonist societal system" the American has forcibly and systematically secluded the Indian from all societal, cultural, and economic gains reaped by territo ... ational level greatly influenced the interplay between the American and the Indian. As Indians were systematically displaced from their traditional homelands and transplanted to reservation systems, " ...

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Ancient Chinese Medicine How was medicine practised in Ancient China? What methodes did they use?

mperor's Canon of Internal Medicine, which appeared during the Warring States period (475- 221 BC), systematically presented what was known in China of physiology, pathology, diagnostics, treatment an ... t century came Shen Nong's Cannon on Materia Medica, China's earliest book on pharmacology compiled systematically. Hua Tuo was also a famous doctor in the 2nd century, that applied an anesthetic powd ...

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The Chinese Holocaust, The Rape of Nang King.

h unfamiliar with the broad overview of the Nazi Holocaust, in which six million Jewish people were systematically murdered by the Nazi=s, along with almost as many gypsies, POWs, gays, communists, an ...

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"The Praise of Folly" by Erasmus.

lf, The Praise of Folly makes extensive use of Erasmus' immense wit and observational skills. Folly systematically describes her heavy influence on society in a series of flowing yet distinctly differ ...

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Vietnamese New Year.

o the Vietnamese lunar calendar this is the year of the Goat. The lunar calendar was created by the systematically changing phases of the moon. Consequently, the actual days of the New Year vary from ...

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Descartes claims that his existence of a thinking thing is the one certain truth, which can serve as the foundation for all other knowledge.

a stepping stone to further proceed in his argument, Descartes leaves room for no further doubt and systematically explains his reasoning.To further probe at what Descartes means by his certain true, ... has certain truth. Although thinking may not be the only thing that makes existence, Descartes does systematically prove that it is a certain truth that he exists as a thinking thing.Sometimes the mos ...

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This essay is about west africa's civil conflics.

that have caused millions to flee their homes and left up to 200,000 dead. Even as the fighting has systematically destroyed the two countries' economies, infrastructures, and social institutions, the ...

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Freedom Summer.

nt, for the next 100 years many were unable to exercise that right. White local and state officials systematically kept blacks from voting through formal methods, such as poll taxes and literacy tests ...

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History of the HOlocaust

. The arguments in favor of intentionalism insist that Hitler's intent, even before the war, was to systematically and effectively annihilate the Jewish population from the world. On the other side of ...

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Institutional Racism.

oups of people. Racism includes the beliefs, practices, laws, customs, and social arrangements that systematically burden, disadvantage, devalue or render inferior members of one racial group in relat ... e daily operations of society." Instutional racism consists of the laws, customs and practices that systematically produce advantages and disadvantages in society. Institutional racism enables racism ...

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