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Inter-Organismal Transport System in Humans

ghout the body. There are two absolutely vital processes that occur in the circulatory system. One, Systemic circulation, every major organ with blood, and the other, Pulmonary circulation, carries bl ... r organ with blood, and the other, Pulmonary circulation, carries blood between the heart and lungs.Systemic circulation begins at the heart where oxygen-rich blood is released into ventricles through ...

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Human Circulatory System:Sickel Cell

arts of the body. The circulatory system can be considered as made up of two parts. One part is the systemic circulation, which serves everything in the body except the lungs, and the other is the pul ...

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uce and release the peptide thyrotropin (thyroid- stimulating hormone; TSH). Thyrotropin enters the systemic circulation, where it travels to and stimulates the thyroid gland, to produce T4 and T3. Th ...

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How Heart Functions as a One Way Pump and Coronary Heart Diseases

rculation is called pulmonary circulation; from heart to lungs and the second circulation is called systemic circulation; from heart to the rest of the body. Animals like humans which involve double c ...

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the heart

f the bloodThe circulation of blood in the body is divided into three parts, Pulmonary Circulation, Systemic circulation and Portal circulation.The Pulmonary Circulation:The pulmonary circulation is c ... ed blood to the left atrium of the heart. These are the only veins which carry oxygenated blood.The Systemic Circulation:The systemic or general circulation constitutes the circulation of blood from t ...

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