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Maori Tattooing Practices

the Maori's intricacies was that they had ritual tattooing of the tribe members. They called it ta moko with "Ta being the act of striking the mallet and moko being the resultant pattern" (Hiroa 1949 ... unding the tattooing, and what it means to the Maoris of today.The Maori's myth of the origin of ta moko was that a man named Mataora took Niwareka, who lived in the spirit world, as his wife. After t ...

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Culture variations of Aesthetic ideals.

r the tattooing practices of its indigenous people, the Maori. It is believed that the practice of "Moko" or tattooing was brought to New Zealand by the Polynesians who migrated there. (Sinclair) Moko ... ommunal and family rank, (Sinclair) the Maori escalated this practice to a fine art.Tattooing or ta moko, amongst the Maori tribes was most predominantly a male activity. (Roth) All tattooing was done ...

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Maori Tapu - its significance The Tattoo (Ta Moko)

seen to benefit the community as a whole. Tattoo - Ta MokoAccording to Maori mythology, tattooing commenced with a love affair between a young man by the ... s.Mataora and Niwareka thus returned together to the human world, bringing with them the arts of ta moko and taniko. Ta Moko, the process. Moko, the product According to archaeological ...

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The Maori tattoo. A Colonized Skin.

lip;……………….3Interpretations of the words "tattoo" and "Ta Moko"....4European perspective on tattoos.........................................5Maori perspective ... down.2. IntroductionThe aim of this report is to deal with the distortion of the word "tattoo" (ta moko, in Maori) since its origins as a Maori word, to its current meaning nowadays in Western societ ...

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