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Making friends with the enemy. Is it wrong to associate with prisoners of war that are from the other side?

s issue, but, for some reason when I read this subject I was totally disgusted. The soldiers of the Taliban and the Middle East are killing our people, and they have started a major war with the Unite ...

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"Army Rangers Taliban Terminators". This essay is about the history of the Army Rangers trainning,history and recent missions.

The Army Rangers Taliban TerminatorsExploding hand grenades and being fired at by the enemy is all apart of war. In w ... e world. As the Rangers fought off the communist in Korea, the Rangers will fight and terminate the Taliban. And the country of Afghanistan will be free of people like Osama Bin Laden because of the Rangers.

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Why we should go to war with Iraq!

the United States to do after the twin towers and Pentagon were attacked? Write up a treaty for the Taliban? Beg bin Laden for mercy? The fact is that terrorists and the countries that support them, w ...

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septemter 11

nst terrorism is not completely due to September 11 of 2001; the terrorist attacks on behalf of the Taliban go back to about a decade ago. The first of the attacks wasn't as severe as the most recent ... terrorist. It is important that we do our best to only get vengeance on the terrorist, such as the Taliban, Osama Bin-Laden, Saddam Hussein, etc.One of the reasons why I believe that we should take a ...

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War on Iraq

en an attempt on President Hamid Karzai, a very nearly successful operation by either al Qaeda, the Taliban, or any one of a number of pissed off warlords. The Taliban has regrouped and threatens a pr ...

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The role of women in afghanistan during reconstruction.

the country has been alone with no true government to face over 23 years of civil war. In 1994, the Taliban took control of the nation, but after supporting terrorism and Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda ne ... wo years. Not only is Afghanistan starting from scratch politically, but since the overthrow of the Taliban, opium production has skyrocketed (damaging other economic projects), relations with neighbo ...

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Biography of Colin Powell.

Powell is the first ever Black American to be sworn into high office, leading the fight against the Taliban and al-queda networks, and gave much of his energy into negotiating with foreign countries. ... gs like Powell.Colin Powell had also been one of the leading contributors of the destruction of the Taliban regime. According to my biography, "Powell's work directly brought down the Taliban regime, ...

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Why Do Sunnis (Taliban) Hate Shias (Iran and Hazaras) and Why Do The Shias Hate Sunnis ?

Taliban - the world's most extreme and radical Islamic organization that inspires fascination, contr ... r in both the Muslim world and the West - has been brought into sharp focus in Ahmed Rashid's book "Taliban". This enormously insightful book gives an account of Taliban's rise to power, its impact on ... entral Asian region. The book also analyzes the wider regional and geopolitical implications of the Taliban's advent to power and the role that Taliban has to play in oil and gas companies decisions. ...

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Women Risking Their Lives for Education

ation and hope. Eve Ensler took a harrowing undercover journey to chronicle their fight against the Taliban, one of the most repressive regimes in history.The Taliban forbids women to attend school, w ... lutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, risks her life to document the atrocities of the Taliban, the fundamentalist Muslim regime that controls her home country. Freshet has reported much ...

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Why U.S. failed to capture bin Laden

g situations. One prime example includes Bin Laden and the hunt for the leading terrorist among the Talibans. Nonetheless, despite their efforts, CIA agents continually failed in their chase. Signific ... o examine the "bin Laden" failure is to trace back the steps leading to the chase. Years before the Taliban propaganda and September 11, threats were being issued by bin Laden against American targets ...

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Bush's State of the Union Address with my opinions

He then went on to speak of all of the evils that the terrorist groups have committed, and how the Taliban hates and oppresses even its own people, "The Afghanistan people have been brutalized; many ...

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Inside Afghanistan

e Panjshir", was murdered by terrorists. Massoud's death might be the end of resistance against the Taliban. "...he couldn't understand why a rich America...didn't care enough to help them clean up th ...

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The Bible.

evil will vary among the different regions you come across. For example, the general mission of the Taliban is to kill all Americans. From the Taliban's perspective, they are able to rationalize the k ... mericans as not being evil whereas in America, almost any untimely death can be viewed as evil. The Taliban also takes it so far to the extreme that the killing of an American can be viewed almost as ...

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A Brief History of Terrorism in The United States

veral new words have been created by or assimilated into everyday dialect. "Jihad", "Anthrax", and "Taliban" are now words which are part of every American's dialect, however, no word has reemerged mo ...

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Al-Qaeda and its Global Reach

en refuge in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan where he is under the protection of pro-Taliban tribes. Al-Qaeda has managed to infiltrate almost every democratized or western country in t ...

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Sept 11th

eastern decent, we should not pass judgement on them. Our President condemns a religious group, the Taliban in Afganistan, for harboring terrorists; however, this anger should not be passed on to anyo ...

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to live in fear. Terrorist groups such as the Taliban, who took over Afghanistan, in 1997 are disturbingly, very powerful. Many people believe tha ... den are responsible for the atrocity in New York. 90 percent of Afghan people do not agree with the Taliban, yet they do not have enough power to stop them or their actions. I think that the women are ...

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0 SAS soldiers would follow in about a week.The United States-led military operation has driven the Taliban out of the Afghan capital Kabul but the Taliban say they have lost track of Osama bin Laden, ... weapons inspector Richard Butler said while the coalition seemed to be on the verge of cleaning the Taliban out of Afghanistan, the war on terrorism could move to Iraq.He warned it risked becoming a c ...

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ould then go out and shout "THANK YOU AMERICA" because they helped us. The cam and fought the taliban and now the taliban is running, they are not hiding Osama Bin Laden anymore. Then I would he ... uld get my friends and play soccer. We would play the rest of the day. It would be fun with out the taliban around.There is no one to boss you around or to beat the women if they laughed or made a noi ...

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Bombing Afghanistan

retaliate with equal destruction. If we are angry about the destruction done in our country by the Taliban, what makes us think that killing innocent people in Afghanistan is okay? I understand that ... ntry? I know that we are not necessarily at war with the people of Afghanistan, but rather with the Taliban, a group of terrorists who took over Afghanistan in 1997. They took over the country and are ...

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