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What is error correction and why is it an important task?

't corrected and provided with feedback concerning their gradual progress in their knowledge of the target language as well as in another lesson. If students in any way notice that the teacher is acti ...

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To foreignize or to domesticate

a transparent, fluent style is adopted in order to minimizethe strangeness of the foreign text for target language readers, whilethe latter designates the type of translation in which a target text d ... aders, whilethe latter designates the type of translation in which a target text deliberatelybreaks target conventions by retaining something of the foreigness of theoriginal. But what is the translat ...

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How needs analysis is used to develop an appropriate beginners' course

thorough and widely known work. In his work, he presents detailed set of procedures for discovering target situation needs. He calls this set the Communication Needs Processor (CNP). The CNP consists ... munication variables, for example, topic, medium, learners, etc. This would be used to identify the target language needs of any group of learners. With this new idea of CNP, he provided a mechanism f ...

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Listening & Reading: two tasks used in teaching to develop discourse skills in the classroom.

when we engage learners in exercises and activities aimed at making them proficient users of their target language.Learning Grammar and Reading are critical elements in the language performance of ad ...

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Incorporating Culture in Foreign Language Teaching

icability of both language and culture. This means that mastering the grammar and vocabulary of the target language without knowing or knowing about the target culture will not properly qualify studen ... ut the target culture will not properly qualify students to usually successfully communicate in the target language. This short article is supposed to show what culture means and its relationship with ...

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Considerations in Designing the Curriculum for the Undergraduate English Majors

supposed to learn? The traditional approach is to make a systematic study of the literatures of the target language, which used to be the practice of Chinese universities before 1949. Taiwan universit ...

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What should the teacher know before meeting his/her learners.

nger the learner then the quicker they will acquire and the more proficient they will become in the target language. However others believe that the older learners are better as Pinker (1994) suggests ... to be a predictor of some of the problems that the learner may encounter when trying to acquire the target language. It is these cross-cultural differences of the learners that play a part in how the ...

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Audiovisual translation ( movie translation )

v, 1964, 1988:11). Translation is the way of adapting the message of the source language parts into target language as accurate as possible in other ways it is the transposition of thoughts expressed ... to treat the cultural aspects in a source text and of finding the most appropriate technique in the target language . These problems may vary in scope depending on the cultural and linguistic gap betw ...

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Domestication and Foreignization in Idiom Translation

a transparent, fluent style is adopted in order to minimize the strangeness of the foreign text for target language readers. The “foreignness” in the source text will be weakened or even rem ... a transparent, fluent style is adopted in order to minimize the strangeness of the foreign text for target language readers, while the latter designates the type of translation in which some foreign c ...

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CELTA - Language Analysis.

uage Analysis.Section A GRAMMAR.1) There is not enough money to buy the TV.Identify the form of the target language.There + is/are + not enough + noun + V1Identify any significant phonological feature ... say 'There is not enough money to buy the TV.'2) Look - it's going to rain!Identify the form of the target language.It + is + going to + V1Identify any significant phonological features of the target ...

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Tension between Domestication and Foreignization In English-language Translations Of Anna Karenina

the linguistic and cultural difference of the foreign text with a text that is intelligible to the targetlanguage reader. Foreignizing translation is defined as a translation that indicates the lingu ... inguistic and cultural differences of the text by disrupting the cultural codes that prevail in the target language. Other scholars, like Tymoczko (1999), criticise this dichotomy by pointing out that ...

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Two sides of Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

its original dimensions"AnonymousCLIL: On the bright sideWhen some classes are being taught in the target language, the input that students receive it is very rich and intensive, helping them during ... , homework, reports, and essays, discuss, debate, ask and answer questions or solve problems in the target language this means that students will be able to improve their English performance in all of ...

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