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e importance to combating violent crime thantargeting marijuana smokers.Marijuana prohibition costs taxpayers at least$7.5 billion annually. This is an enormous waste ofscarce federal dollars that sho ... his range would raise between $2.2 and $6.4 billionper year. Altogether, legalization would save thetaxpayers around $8 - $16 billion, not counting theeconomic benefits of hemp agriculture and othersp ...

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The Advantages of being legal

uana is that hundreds of thousands of non-violent drug offendersare overpopulating prisons, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Legalization would alsoput marijuana dealers out of business and it w ...

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Was the Grand Prix Benificial for Melbourne

he Great Race' which washeld at Albert Park beneficial for Melbourne, or was it justa huge waste of taxpayers money? The race was televised to650 million people in 130 different countries is expected ... n Melbourne, instead theyunsuccessfully protest against it and by doing so it has costthe Victorian taxpayers $1.3 million. But the track hasalready been built and the first race held, so there is noc ...

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Why plea bargaining is necessary for Court System to function

to a grinding halt, if plea bargaining were no longer utilized. Not only does plea bargaining save taxpayers an enormous amount of money, it often provides the evidence for a conviction and allows pu ...

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Year Round School vs. Nine Month Schedule

the student a better education. However, the prospect of year round school is not beneficial to the taxpayers pocket, to the education a student receives, or to the people involved with the district.A ...

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This essay is an article about the CIA sponsored Contra group in Nicaragua.

ed States money. Oh, but don't worry its not the against its own policy of selling weapons to Iran. taxpayers dollar that funds these illegal covert operations. Instead the CIA has come up with a much ...

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Keeping Capital Punishment as a fit punishment for criminals of extremely heinous crimes in our society.

crimes so heinous that they feel it to be the only acceptable punishment. Capital punishment costs taxpayers less and can also be an effective way to deter other criminals from unlawful conduct. Alth ... or them. With the increasing number of convicted murderers going into the prison system, why should taxpayers put forth money for increased prison facility needs. To pay for criminals to enjoy three m ...

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grants. But the large number of immigration is affecting the current citizens of the United States. Taxpayers are forced to pay for the welfare and schooling for many of these immigrants, some who are ... re and health care facilities, not to mention more unwanted population. For example, in California, taxpayers were paying three billion dollars a year to benefit illegal aliens with education, healthc ...

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School vouchers

able to the students who need certain guidelines and rarely cover the cost of the entire education. Taxpayers will be paying higher taxes to compensate for the students attending private schools throu ... nitiated tax-funded voucher programs in Milwaukee and Cleveland to force public schools to shape up.Taxpayers who agree with having the option to send their children to whatever school they choose are ...

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This essay is all about going against School prayer.

ther Catholic, Baptist, Quaker,atheist, Buddhist, Jewish, agnostic. The schools are supported by alltaxpayers, and therefore should be free of religious observances. Whenreligion has invaded our publi ...

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On why capital punishment should be banished

ow are usually in the lower class. Comparing the death penalty to imprisonment, many may argue that taxpayers pay more to imprison the criminal than to execute him. Besides the point that a human life ...

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Class Sizes Are Too Large.

ision you see commercials about how education is working hard to educate the youth of today and how taxpayers dollars are being invested wisely to educate the youth. You also hear a lot about how educ ...

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The pros of the government legalizing marijuana.

roblem in today's society because of marijuana related crimes. The police force is over worked, the taxpayers are spending extreme amounts of money to house these so called prisoners, and the governme ...

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ssion and the district attorney's consent.The Pros of plea bargaining are :1) plea bargaining saves taxpayers an enormous amount of money.2) It often provides the evidence for a conviction and allows ...

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Costs and Benefits Analysis of 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

all the publicity of the Games. The Games may have created a national debt, which subsequently the taxpayers would have had to subsidise. Due to the government having to concentrate their budget on t ...

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Got Green? An argumentitive essay about the legalization of marijuna

legal drugs. These statistics indicate that the prohibition of marijuana is an ineffective waste of taxpayers' money and should be revoked.A common misconception is that if marijuana were legalized, t ...

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Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

ld these prisons, and pay for the staff to baby-sit them is coming out of our pockets - the working taxpayers.C.An enormous amount of money is being spent each year on incarcerating non-violent and ot ... spends $1.3 billion a year "fighting" marijuana. Overall, federal anti-marijuana efforts have cost taxpayers $30 billion. The result: $2 billion worth of cannabis being seized and destroyed, 4 millio ...

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Making Crime Pay! - David H. Dallas 2003

ay!December 12, 2003English 111: Writing IIClarion University of PADavid H. Dallas (author)Tough On Taxpayers"Let's get tough on crime", while a popular theme with politicians and voters alike, has sp ... nche of mandatory sentencing laws which have led to prison overcrowding and ballooning costs to the taxpayers. Over the next five years, the federal and state prison population is projected to increas ...

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College tuition

re in the end. This increase not only affects the student, but the parents as well, that means that taxpayers are subsidizing a smaller share of the cost of their state universities, while students an ...

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What does Capitol Punishment mean to me?

believe in that. Grown ups might say if you kill someone you should be put to death. What about all taxpayers? Would it be cheaper putting them to death or letting them live the rest of their lives in ...

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