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The Kobe earthquake.

ake is because of the location where Japan is. Kobe is located the farthest away from the three big tectonic plates: Pacific, Eurasian and Philippine. Kobe is also located right under parts of the fau ... 46, so it would have more possibilities to have an earthquake. Kobe is also a little off the Median Tectonic Line, an area of strike-slip faults. The strike-slip fault is a movement in the crust going ...

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Plate Tectonics: It contains a general description, such as the origination of the theory, an explanation of the theory, and how it was proved.

le.Today, we know he was correct in thinking that. The proof we have is because of the discovery of tectonic plates. They are giant plates that "carry" the continents. They move because they are on th ... an Andreas Fault that goes through San Francisco. Because of it, San Francisco has many earthquakes.Tectonic plates move from about 1-12 centimeters a year. We know this because of special lasers on s ...

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Newspaper article: What Is It Like To Live In One Of The World's "Hot Spots" ?

the fact that we are standing on hot lava oozing along the earth's cracked crust otherwise known as tectonic plates.On the 26th of December 2004, whilst most of us were unwrapping our Christmas surpri ...

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Earthquakes, Eruption and Ecocatastrophes: The Troubled Times of Latin America

e within one mile of an active volcano. Furthermore, Latin America is precariously situated on five tectonic plates- the South American, North American, Cocos, Caribbean, and Nazca Plates. The danger ...

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Plate Tectonics

Tectonics is the study of the origin and arrangement of the broad structural features of Earth's sur ... know as the Earth's surface, is broken into sections, or uneven pieces called plates, also known as tectonic plates. These plates are called African, North American, South American, Eurasian, Australi ... stribution and composition of volcanoes, along with many other features can all be related to plate tectonics or also known as plate interactions at plate boundaries.Plate boundaries are of three gene ...

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Volcanoes: a geologic wonder

in or places far away from plate boundaries called "hot spots". Volcanoes are typically found where tectonic plates converge or diverge. The moving plates cause swelling in the earth's crust. A few go ... of our world. Volcanism is cyclical in nature. It takes old rocks and other material produced from tectonic activity, changes them into a molten and then, in large upheavals, replaces them in a diffe ...

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ood that the earth's surface is constantly in a state of flux, impacted by gradual movements in the tectonic plates that float upon the earth's molten inner core. The five tectonic plates affecting th ... e impact on the world's population or they can be sudden with far greater social consequences. When tectonic plates move suddenly, they cause earthquakes on the earth's surface; the distribution of we ...

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Natural Disasters

ornia heading northwest for 1000 km. The fault marks the boundary of the North American and Pacific tectonic plates. Earthquakes were common due to the fact that the plates were moving past one anothe ... is stuck. Rooted under the crust of the earth, the plates cannot move and therefore cannot release tectonic and geological stress. As time passes, the amount of pressure builds. An eventual earthqua ...

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Land Feature

his paper will discuss how the Pacific Southwest region was formed according to the theory of plate tectonics. It will explain the theory of plate tectonics, which is the theory of how the continents ... est side of the plates moves north. The paper will also describe the main movement within the plate tectonics theory that shaped the form and composition of the selected region. It will also discuss t ...

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die in the earthquake, annually. Earthquakes are the Earth's way of releasing stress in between the tectonic plates.Earthquakes happen when the tectonic plates under the Earth squeeze, stretch, move, ... collide, grind or slide against each other with a large amount of force. There are approximately 20 tectonic plates along the surface of the earth that constantly move and slowly pass each other. The ...

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Malaria Outbreak

he earthquake was ca (Earthquake Facts & Statistics, 2005)used by the collision of the two main tectonic plates around Costa Rica, the Cocos plate (Pacific) and the Atlantic plate. Seismic waves w ...

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