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Ted Hughes, Britain's Poet Laureate

A biography of a talented poet, with description of his major worksEdward James Hughes is one of the most outstanding livi ... arned a reputation of a prolific, original and skilful poet, which he maintained to the present day.Ted Hughes was born in 1930 in Yorkshire into a family of a carpenter. After graduating from Grammar ... ercal (1960) was followed by two books for children Meet My Folks (1961) and Earth Owl (1963). Selected Poems, with Thom Gunn (a poet whose work is frequently associated with Hughes's as marking a new ...

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Analysis of Ted Hughes' "Last Night" & "That Girl".

g to mount her simultaneously/ As she ran between them and under them/ Hurrying to nibble further." Ted Hughes describes the power of physical desire in both animals and human beings in "Last Night" a ... ht" opens with a mother mourning over one of her dead twin calves, and "The north wind", which "shifted a little", causes the morning dew to pierce through anything with a blistering chill. These desc ...

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Compare and contrast 'An Advancement of Learning', 'Churning Day' and 'Roe-Deer'. Comment upon language and structure and how these enhance meaning.

Heaney's 'An Advancement of Learning' and 'Churning Day', and Ted Hughes' 'Roe-Deer', all use language and structure to enhance the meaning of the poem.Heaney's s ... significance. In 'An Advancement of Learning' a few images are portrayed which are normally associated with the battlefield. For example the term 'retreated' clearly suggests war, could Heaney perhap ... But in context of the poem, we can see that not only is it the making of butter that is being depicted but also the making of a poet. The structure of this is poem is laid in 4 verses to show a step- ...

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What does the Jaguar represent in Ted Hughes's poem "TheJaguar"?

Ted Hughes is one of the most famous names in the contemporary world of poetry. He is called the ani ... means of image, myth and symbol.The Jaguar is a poem about a fierce animal from the image of which Ted Hughes unearths something about human nature. On the surface, the poem is an animal poem which r ... tigers and lion seemed to be quite content with their present situation. These animals as they accepted imprisonment, rest in somnolence. For instance, the apes ravel in yawning and adoring their flea ...

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The Jaguar By Ted Hughes

This poem 'The Jaguar' was written by Ted Hughes, he tries to capture the mood of a post war, 1950's zoo. He depicts the animals as hot, l ... t the snake is 'frozen in time' perhaps. The finishing line in the second verse is 'it might be painted on a nursery wall.' This is brilliant it gives you the idea that the scene is still as a paintin ... y it is still cruel even though they are in larger, life-like enclosures. I feel the Jaguar is depicted as being new to the zoo and is still alive. It also has a sense of hostility to human beings. Hu ...

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Analyse of Sylvia

SylviaThe life of poet and novelist Sylvia Plath -- one of the most celebrated literary figures of her generation -- is brought to the screen in this controversial screen adap ... ame year, tragedy introduced itself into her life as Sylvia Plath was forced to confront the unexpected death of her father. In 1950, she began studying at Smith College on a literary scholarship, and ... nt, she also began suffering from bouts of extreme depression; following her junior year, she attempted suicide for the first time. Sylvia Plath survived, and, in 1955, she was granted a Fulbright Sch ...

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Analysing Ted Hughes and Liz Lochheads poems

Analysing Ted Hughes and Liz Lochheads poemsTed Hughes, Britain's Poet Laureate and easily the most well-known ... nter and later shop-keeper. Whatever drove Hughes to become a poet, one of the main influences he cited was the musicality of the West Yorkshire dialect: "Whatever other speech you grow up into, presu ... bout violence but vitality... about the split personality of modern man, the one behind the constructed, spoilt part."Liz Lochhead was born in Motherwell (Lancashire) in 1947 and attended Glasgow Scho ...

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The poems by Ted Hughes all have the same common theme, nature. He was born to a working class family in a small ... now" makes you imagine the fox creeping ever closer, gracefully on the snow. "Brilliantly concentratedly" is the poet realising the he now has the material in order to complete the poem with the last ... the material in order to complete the poem with the last stanza informing us that "the page is printed" - his work is now done. The rhythm of the poem starts slowly and reaches a crescendo due to his ...

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Analysis of Sylvia Plath's poem "daddy"

fers to the speaker's actual father or perhaps something larger, broader. The poem has been interpreted by many to be a vengeful outcry against the grip her father has had on her since his death. Howe ... pparent that Plath herself is the speaker in "Daddy" and the rage she expresses is aimed largely at Ted Hughes, her ex-husband, while she simultaneously mourns this final loss of her father.The emotio ...

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This essay was written in my final English exam for 2004. The question asked us to discuss the messages contained in two chosen poems, studied in class, about the representations of women.

iberately left behind by their creators. Two poems which deal with the representations of women are Ted Hughes "The Minotaur" and Sylvia Plath's "The Rival". The major difference between the themes of ... as a "light borrower". Hughes refers to "your children" who were left behind as Plath as she committed suicide. Clearly, poetry can be an important messenger in the depiction of ideas in a poem, as w ...

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Red by Ted Hughes

'Red' is a final collection by Ted Hughes in 1998 before he died. It has also engages the final death of Slyvia Plath in this piece ... n 1998 before he died. It has also engages the final death of Slyvia Plath in this piece of poetry. Ted Hughes has used 'Red' and 'blue' to describe Plath's view of life and character from the day the ... movement. In line 4, 'blood-red' may have constitute a certain image caused in life that can be related to violence or conflict inferred to Plath. Life and death signifies nothing important for her to ...

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Compare and Contrast 'Thistles' by Ted Hughes and 'Tall Nettles' by Edward Thomas - Cambridge english literature coursework

The two poems, Thistles by Ted Hughes and Tall Nettles by Edward Thomas, have different and contrasted views on nature and its ... his further portrays man's inability to control and cultivate the powers of the natural world.While Ted Hughes still portrays the struggle between man and nature in "Thistles", he suggests that this s ... effect of the poem to the reader.In the two poems "Tall Nettles" by Edward Thomas and "Thistles" by Ted Hughes, the poets show views on the struggle between nature and mankind from different perspecti ...

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Critical appreciation of Ted Hughes' "Thistles" and his intentions on writing the poem.

Ted Hughes is a renowned, restrained poet for his ability to be intricate, and his concealment of em ... le emphasizing nature's dominance over men. The poem also deals with the idea of history being repeated in a cycle, the dead being "resurrected". Such complex ideas are effectively conveyed through la ... histles spike the summer air / And crackle open under a blue-black pressure." The thistles are situated in a field amidst cows and farmers, yet among such serene background, they appear to have an agg ...

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Sylvia Plath Essay

e years she was a very popular and social young woman with both male and female. She was always invited to parties and social gatherings and was a popular student at school. She was excelling with her ... hat has happened in it such as suicide attempts and a bad marriage. In 1956 she married a man named Ted Hughes who later on became a famous and well known poet. In 1959 Ted and Sylvia moved back to En ...

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"Thistles" by Ted Hughs

In the poem "Thistles" by Ted Hughes there are a number of different themes and ideas that are put across. George Macbeth, the ... ows how close Hughes is to nature and the way he wants other people to see. This is carefully reflected in his writing through his use of powerful verbs like "splintered." He uses words like this to e ...

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A commentary of "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath

famous and detailed autobiographical poems, was written in the last years of her life and is saturated with suppressed anger and dark imagery. The sixteen stanza poem, through Plaths use of ambiguous ... m, arguably is bitterly addressing Plaths father, who died when she was only eight, and her husband Ted Hughes, who had broken her "pretty red heart in two" (st.12, line 1). The poem is intense with o ...

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Comparison of "Thistles" by Ted Hughes and "Mountain Lion" by D.H Lawrence

w the poets' attitudes are conveyed through the choice of language."Thistles" effectively shows how Ted Hughes is able to use an extended and sustained metaphor of a negative facet of nature in order ... H. Lawrence's views on mans' connections to the natural world.The first stanza of "Thistles" is devoted to the introduction of the main metaphorical subject of the poem, conveying the "thistle's" sett ...

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"The Tender Place" by Ted Hughes

"The Tender Place" is an affectionate poem in which Ted Hughes contemplates and describes the Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) inflicted on Sylvia Plath. ... needless destruction that such therapy implicates is conveyed very impressively.In the first lines, Ted Hughes refers to Sylvia Plath's temples, where the electrodes for ECT are placed, as "the tender ... en could have on a brain when it is more powerful. Other very powerful images are similarly used by Ted Hughes to bring across what he imagines is happening in her brain, merely, violent explosions, b ...

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Write a critical appreciation of "Hawk Roosting" bearing in mind the stylistic devices used.

"Hawk Roosting" is one of the many poems published by Ted Hughes during his literary career dealing with animal and nature. In this poem we have a Hawk wh ... consisting of four verses (quatrain) and this emphasize on the uniformity of thought on the part of Ted Hughes and the Hawk. The world of the Hawk is regimented, neat, well organized, controlled and t ... l not compromise till the very end of the poem:"Nothing has changed since I began. My eye has permitted no change. I am going to keep things like this."Since the poem has no discernable rhyming scheme ...

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A comparative study of poetry by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Frost, Ted Hughes, and a song by John Lennon

At Midnight'. These notions about journeys are also evident in Robert Frost's 'The Road Not Taken', Ted Hughes' 'The Jaguar', and lastly John Lennon's 'Imagine'.Inviting the responder, and demonstrati ... ective journey of spiritual enlightenment. Coleridge draws on his subconscious, moving from exasperated disapointment, the tone created in the opening melodramatic exclamation, to a greater appreciati ...

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