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Love of my Life.

Love, love,BYou are as beautiful as a morning dove.BI look at you sitting there,ABeing as cute as a teddy bear.ALove, love,BYou are as beautiful as a morning dove.BSitting here watching the rain,AI kn ...

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A Day At the Fair: Assignment was to describe an event. Written in First Person.

rls and boys went together in groups, the boys competing with each other to win the biggest stuffed teddy bear or cartoon character for his girl playing the ring toss, the basketball shoot, or the bal ...

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The Actress. Character sketch of a sad woman's life.

Slowly kept pushing her daughter away.Whispering, "I love you," was very rare,Never had kisses or a teddy bear.An actress all her life, so no one knew,How she suffered, and the pain she went through.T ...

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This is a descriptive paper... Its about a young boy trying to rid his fear of thunderstorms... Grade was an A and my instructor was very pleased

de awake, to frightened to fall asleep. With each flash of the lightening he grips his little brown teddy bear tighter and tighter. With every crash of the thunder is room becomes scarier and scarier. ...

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Comparison between Charlie Chaplin's "The Kid" and Rowan Atkinson's "Mr. Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie"

extent of becoming somewhat mean. Despite his considerable age, he still sleeps cuddled up with his teddy bear. Nothing is sacred to him, and he plays his games with an earnest sheepishness. His child ... oibles of British life and the comedy of embarrassment. He is practically friend-less (save for his teddy bear), and is an outcast, just like Charlie, the main character of The Kid. Charlie is a tramp ...

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My Last Day At School

d they brought something for me; I turned to find a big shinny box.I opened it and saw a very sweet teddy bear, and notes from all my friends, saying, " Don't forget us in Pakistan." "We will love you ...

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Australia animals

to introduce you some of not so common ones.KoalasEveryone knows these cute animals, looking like a teddy bear. Of course, they aren't really bears at all. True bears don't have pouches and their babi ...

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My Friend.

The friend whom I love and cherish most, though, is not even a human being, but a horse. I call him Teddy Bear, or Teddy for short. Before I had him, I owned a number of other horses, each very specia ... I had him, I owned a number of other horses, each very special, but as difficult as it is to admit, Teddy is my favorite.I saw Teddy for the first time two months ago. A young boy brought him over ...

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This essay is about memorys from when I was younger.

my old heart ring, my beaded necklace, my Statue of Liberty necklace, my patriotic necklace, and my teddy bear necklace. These pieces of jewelry bring back so many memories.The first piece of jewelry ... s necklace I'm reminded of all the things I saw and learned down in Philadelphia.Finally I found my teddy bear necklace. I bought the necklace on my vacation to the Caribbean. The lady who sold it to ...

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A Creative Writing Poem Modeled after Langston Hughes' "Theme for English B"

life is filled with all sorts of examplesIt used to be nothing but all work and no playI was a sad teddy bear with no one to hugAnd it was never an exciting dayThis all changed on All Hallows EveA ni ...

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An essay about the process and history about animal stuffing.

ble to produce them with synthetic materials.One of the most popular types of stuffed animal is the teddy bear which in these is mostly factory made with synthetic materials, not with real animal skin ... d skill of animal stuffing rose until it become part of daily life.During the Industrial Revolution Teddy bears were sold all over Europe. A huge toy industry began which rapidly increased the young p ...

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Looking at Gender Perspectives

to be feminine which was approved by society.How many little boys do you see walking around with a teddy bear clutched in their arms? This is not a public pedagogy. By my sister giving me a teddy bea ...

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One act morality Play: The Adventures of Mr. Fuzzles

the frame of a house where the back door is in view.[Enters six year old Matt dragging a worn brown teddy bear behind him.]Matt [sighs out of boredom] "it's so boring here. There is no one to play wit ... There is no one to play with and absolutely nothing to do![Matt lies down in the grass and hold the teddy bear out in front of him]Matt "Don't you have any ideas Mr. Fuzzles?" [Sighs] "Of course you d ...

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Marketing Plan for Build-A-Buddy Workshop

Teddy bears have been charming the lives of children and adults since November 1902, when the Berrym ... n and adults since November 1902, when the Berryman cartoon appeared in many newspapers. President Teddy Roosevelt was in Mississippi to assist in settling a boarder dispute. The host family, knowin ... ince there seemed to be no bears to be killed. Finally, someone captured a bear cub and encouraged Teddy to shoot him. President Roosevelt refused to end the life of this helpless animal. Berryman ...

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erveiwed four times. The first time they were asked the simple question "Did sam do anything with a teddy bear or a book?" (he hadn't) and only 10% said that Sam had anything to do with a beook ... ereoping had an effect on the 3 to 4 year olds. 42% claimed Sam Stone ripped the book or soiled the teddy bear in responce to suggestion. Of the children 19% claimed that they saw Sam Stone do ...

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Spiked Milk

r upstairs and lay her in bed, being careful to tuck her in gently and remembering to put Bobo, her teddy bear, in bed next to her. As you quietly pick up her favorite bedtime story, preparing to read ...

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tings that Judith got from her mother. The fifth event in the rising action is then Michael gives a teddy bear to Judith. The final event in the rising action is Judith's mother stabs the teddy bear w ...

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Primary School Momento

Personal/Reflective Essay The memento I chose to write about for my personal essay is a graduation teddy bear I received during the last days of grade six. It was just a white teddy bear about 30 by ... ne of the grade 6 students got to walk around all the classes and get anybody we wanted to sign our teddy bear. It was really fun because we didn't do anything but ask people to write messages or sign ...

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Maddy's Special Day

andma said. Maddy ripped off the wrapping paper and then lifted the lid. She pulled out a big brown teddy bear. It was soft, cuddly, and had a red, silky ribbon tied around its neck."I love it Grandma ...

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History of the Vermont Teddy Bear

According to legend, the teddy bear was first created in 1902 because President Theodore Roosevelt was unable to kill a small ... about this, they began advertising cartoons on the Presidents refusal to kill the young cub.Vermont Teddy Bear was founded in 1981 by John Sortino because he noticed that all of his son's teddy bears ... lso began drawing classes to be able to create them himself.In your text read Case 27, "The Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Inc: Challenges Facing a New CEO" (pages 27-1 through 27-22). Using the case, your r ...

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