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Nuclear Waste

t of waste usually comes from medical facilities andpharmaceutical companies and includes clothing, test tubes, and allkinds of diagnostic waste. The other kind, which is of mostconcern, is high-level ...

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The Effect of Concentrations of Starch and Sugar Solutions on Synthetic Semi-Permeable Membranes

and into the water. So the dialysis is semi-permeable.Materials:16 cm dialysis tubingbeakercylindertest tubestransfer pipettesGatoradeStarch solution 10 g/1000 ml waterBenedict¹s SolutionIodine ... 10 mlGroup 4 0.2 M 0.7 g/10 mlGroup 5 0.2 M 0.7 g/10 mlNB: Tare the balance.Tare the balance with a test tube inside a beaker.Add the amount to the tube.Vortex, gradually turning the speed up.Heat in ...

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The permability of membranes in beetroot

g the beetroot in six different temperatures. I then measured out 15 ml of water into six different test tubes. I am going to use a thermostatic water bath to get the water to the correct temperature ... use a thermostatic water bath to get the water to the correct temperature that I need for the first test tube. This temperature will be 20 degrees and I will also carry it out at 30C, 40C, 50C, 60C an ...

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0 and 38 c water then the warmer one will cause the yeast to ferment at a quicker rate.Materials:-2 test tubes (100 mm. Long x 11 mm. I.D.)-2 ones-hole stoppers (size 00 w/3 mm. Hole)-Glucose-Bakers y ... le stoppers (size 00 w/3 mm. Hole)-Glucose-Bakers yeast suspension-Balance-Molding clay-Submersible test tube racks-Pins-Masking tape-wax pencil10 ml. pipette w/pump50ml. graduated cylinderDropping pi ...

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Chem Lab, do ions combine in definite ratios.

nique is performed in which copper (II) sulfate and sodium carbonate are placed together in various test tubes, with various quantities of each chemical and a chemical reaction should happen. The time ... s are known to form a precipitate.MATERIALS-Safety glasses-10 ml copper (II0 sulfate solution-Seven test tubes-10 ml sodium carbonate solution-1 test tube rack- Tap water-Masking Tape-Two Eye Droppers ...

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A basic short story containing all the necessary elements of literature.

missed the bus. Finally getting up he trips over a stuffed animal and lands on one of his precious test tubes. He realized that he had hit the test tube and a sharp pain went through his body making ... this was wasting time. His parents were both scientists and that what he would be. Carl ran to his test tube collection to see what damage had occurred this morning. His collection was safe and then ...

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Experiment to describe reactivity of a given set of metals.

of : Zinc chlorine, Copper chlorine, Magnesium chlorine, Sodium chlorine, Iron chlorine.Equipment : Test tubes, Test tube racks, Dropping pipettes, Tongs, Tweezers, Scalpel, Measuring cylinder.Method1 ... colour or bubbles coming out (gasses give off). Make sure to use the same amount of liquid for each test using the measuring cylinder.3.For sodium get your teacher to get a beaker and drop a v.small a ...

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The Effect Of Substrate on Enzyme concentration

as it burns."h If breakage of tubes/beaker occurs, clean up immediately."h In order not to confuse test tubes containing water and hydrogen peroxide, label each of them clearly"h Remember to wash han ... n peroxide, label each of them clearly"h Remember to wash hands after handling yeast suspensionFAIR TESTTo ensure that a fair test is carried out the following must be observed"h Make sure fixed varia ...

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The effect of the halogen atom on the rate of hydrolysis

sliver precipitate in silver nitrate solution.Hypothesis: I think that 1-iodobutane will be the fastest to react followed by 1- bromobutane and then by 1-chlorobutane. This is because 1-iodobutane ha ... ree and I think that this will make it easier for it to react with the silver nitrate.Method. Three test tubes will be placed in a test tube holder. Into each test tube 1 cm" of ethanol will be added. ...

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Identifying bond type with physical properties

Purpose: To determine the type of bonding in some unknown substances using smallest number of tests.Materials:goggles7 test tubestest tube racktest tube holderconductivity apparatusDI waterstir ... astic wash bottlemarking pen7 unknown substanceconductivity meterProcedure: Step #1) Mark all seven test tubes from A through G.Step #2) Place your first unknown substance into the test tubes accordin ...

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Biology A level planning experiment of effect of lead ions on amylase

fect reversible or irreversible, which is put on the amylase.MethodApparatus and substances requiredTest tube holder 2% starch solution6 boiling tubes labelled 1 to 6 1% lead nitrate solution6 test tu ... ling tubes labelled 1 to 6 1% lead nitrate solution6 test tubes labelled A to E, ( F) Dimple tiles5 test tubes labelled A1, B2, C3, D4, E5, (F6) 5 ml syringe1% Amylase solution 4 dropping pipettesStop ...

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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

ing possible. Humans are mass produced using the Bokanovsky process, in which embryos are formed in test tubes on reservations. One of the threats of this genetic breeding is that no family structures ...

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Body image and women's oppression

fall in love with her best friend and do something about it, or lose herself for hours gazing into test tubes with her hair a mess, or take lovers without telling her last name. She might revel in al ...

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What is the effect of temperature on the permeability of beetroot cell membranes?

ane.Controlling other Variables- I will use measures to ensure that everything stays the same in my test to gain the best and most reliable results possible- Same volume of water that I put the beetro ... uipment:-BeakerThermometerHeat proof matTripodBunsen BurnerCork Borer10 Beetroot cylindersForceps10 test tubesColorimeterMeasuring cylinderAlso to improve the reliability of the test I will repeat the ...

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Osmosis Investigation

o the highest level of accuracy - (2 d.p.)· I then measured the chips in mm· I took 3 test tubes, for the chips A, B & C· and filled each with 10cm3 of 1 molar sucrose· ... d filled each with 10cm3 of 1 molar sucrose· I then inserted the correct chip in the correct test tube,· and started the timer.· Every 5 minutes I...a. removed the sucrose & c ...

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Qualitative Analysis of Buffer Solutions

ilibria play important roles in the separation and identification of the unknown solution.Procedure:Test to Establish General Classes (first week) - First test tubes were obtained, and cleaned. Next t ... itrate, barium nitrate calcium nitrate, iron (III) nitrate, and lead (II) nitrate were all put into test tubes, and labeled. Next, the HCl was added and mixed thoroughly, and observations were recorde ...

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To find out the optimum pH at which the enzyme catalase would best break down hydrogen peroxide.

ver, apple, yeast and potato. Each source was cut up into 1cm3 sections and placed in four separate test tubes which each contained 5ml of H2O2. Observations were made on the physical evidence of what ... use (diagrams should be included) (P4b).20ml of each buffer solution from pH3 to pH8120ml of H2O2 6 test tubesThree medium sized raw potatoes one cork borer50ml Manometer fluid 2x syringes1x Ruler 2x ...

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Oxidation - Reduction. Range the metals copper, lead, silver and zinc together with hydrogen to find the strongest reducing agent.

containing aqueous; Zn2+, Pb2+, Cu2+ and Ag+ ions (0.2 M), hydrochloric acid (5.0 M), emery paper, test-tubes.Method:Burnish the three metal strips to get a shiny surface, after drop a drop of each o ... leaned metal strips. Wash it off after a few minutes, and if there is patina present, record it. To test the reaction between the solids and hydrogen (H+) ions a small piece of each metal was dropped ...

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Lab Report: Flame Test

rmine the colors of the Atomic Emission Spectra of several metallic ions.Materials:Safety glasses10 test tubesTest tube rackPaperPencil50 mL beakerBunsen burnerNichrome wireBarium NitrateCopper Nitrat ... own solutions A,B, & CHydrochloric AcidWash bottle (with distilled water)Procedure:1. Label the test tubes with the names of the solutions and unknowns.2. Place about 5 mL of each solution into ea ...

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"Brave New World" book report by Aldous Huxley

hen the author says, "... opening an insulated door he showed them the racks upon racks of numbered test tubes."2. Lenina confirms with Bernard that she would like to go on a trip with him to The Sava ...

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