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THE HISTORY OF GAME BOY. This essay explains the history of Nintendo's Game Boy. It's pretty technically in-depth. (includes references)

the Microvision didn't come packed with what was, at the time, the most popular game in the world: Tetris.Nintendo and a few other manufacturers released a whole slew of Game Boy titles, and it seeme ... s, and it seemed uncertain what genre of gaming would be the machine's strength: puzzle games, like Tetris, or decent classic arcade adaptations such as Qix and Super Mario Bros.?The confusion was int ...

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Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Support Nonviolence!. I agree that violence is not useful. There are many domestic and school violence going on.

facture should reduce the amount of violent games. They should produce something more educated like Tetris, puzzles, mysteries' games for them to think of a solution to solve the games instead of kill ...

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Video games

game is educational in ideas and structures of thought - ways of making sense of the world. Just as Tetris, on the simple level of geometry, encourages you to discover previously unnoticed patterns in ...

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Are Video Games Corrupting Minds?

them since I was born. Dr. Blankenburg did a test on kids while they were playing a simple game of Tetris on a NES and study's show that children's brain span increased a lot while playing. Dr.Blanke ...

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