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"Greek, Mesopotamian and Biblical Accounts of Creation."

ch story has its own peculiar differences, they all deal with the questions Hesiod addressed in his Theogony--namely, the origin of the earth, and the place that God or the gods have in ordering the a ... eviously existed); and Hesiod relates the story of men in Works and Days, almost an addendum to the Theogony, which tells in which eras of the gods the various races of men lived.In this parallel, we ...

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Aether or

Anwar GarvinAncient Myth - Paper 1Theogony was published in 700 BC, Metamorphoses 8 AD and in this relatively short period of time, pi ... ) showed a direct, beneficial Providence, prophesied the modern idea of the origin of the universe. Theogony and Metamorphoses include similar themes however Hesiod uses Hesiodic pessimism and Ovid us ... that they will be increasingly benevolent. Thus he ended with his grand design-man (Ov. Met. 80-84).Theogony served a different purpose from Metamorphoses-to show his irreverence towards the divinitie ...

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