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Peter Abelard's Heloise: On being a woman in Europe's Middle Ages.

role women made in shaping their social status.Peter Abelard (1079-1142), a French philosopher and theologian, was an early exponent of scholasticism. After studying in Paris he soon became a recogni ... becoming increasingly structured and hierarchical. So, medieval statements about women expressed by theologian and lawyer (church or state) personified what celibate clerics thought of women. These me ...

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Robert Boyle

the Royal Society. He was not only a chemist and a physicist as we know him to be, but also an avid theologian, a philanthropist, an essayist, and a beginner in medicine. Born in Lismore, Ireland to R ...

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The Old Testament: Fact or Fiction?

idences and arguments for the validity of the Old Testament, many more can be found. I am neither a theologian nor a scholar, but I do have an accurate knowledge of the scripture of both the Old and N ...

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Biography of Saint Paul

INT PAULSaint Paul was one of the greatest missionary of Christianity and he was the church's first theologian. He was called the Apostle to the Gentiles. Saint Paul was born in Tarsus to Jewish paren ...

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Existentialism and Absurdism. This essay is just to explain what existentialism and absurdism are.

er WW II. In modern expression it had its beginning in the writing of the nineteenth century Danish Theologian Soren Kierkegaard. The German Philosopher Martin Heidegger is important in its formulatio ...

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Jonathon Edwards "Sinners in the hands of an Angry God"

, thus it is that natural men are held in the hand of God, over the pit of hell." Not only was he a theologian and a philosopher. He was a brilliant writer. The powerful writings of Jonathon Edwards h ...

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The Scarlet Letter: Arthur Dimmesdale as Protagonist.

by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale is a young man who achieved fame in England as a theologian and then immigrated to America. In a moment of weakness, he and Hester Prynne, a young, b ...

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Abelard and Heloise

ves to the church. Peter Abelard was well-educated, a respected philosopher, and became a prominent theologian. Heloise was also well educated and became a great abbess. If Dante had mentioned Abelard ... philosopher not of the world but of God" (77). So he devotes his skills as a philosopher to being a theologian. At one point, Abelard wrote On the Unity and Trinity of God. Abelard had many enemies an ...

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Uncle Tom's Cabin

ubek 36). In 1832, she moved with most of her family to Cincinnati, Ohio, where she met and married theologian Calvin Stowe and began publishing articles in local magazines and newspapers (Ferguson 35 ...

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John Calvin

, he had a huge influence on the way we live. Mainly John Calvin was known as a French reformer and theologian. He was born in an upper middle-class family in France (1509-1564). John Calvin grew up d ... merican culture is thoroughly Calvinist in some form or another. John Calvin, a French reformer and theologian that brought new ideas to America.

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'What were the factors that lead to the formation of the New Testament Canon? How valid are they today?'

such as Marcion's bible were in circulation. These had began to be classed as 'scripture' by some. Theologian Tertullian first used the term 'New Testament' in order to distinguish these new writings ... ew Testament was definitely closed in the fourth century" and it has indeed been the task of many a theologian through the nineteenth century in particular to criticise the canon and as Sawyer puts it ...

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American Pageant Chapter 5 IDs

al preacher who helped convert thousands of people to ChristianityJonathan Edwards1. Most important theologian in the Great Awakening2. Calvinist who believed justification by faith alone3. Believed i ...

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A Theological Reflection on William Norman Pittenger's Ethics of Homosexuality Summary

homosexuality would no longer be a hidden trend in the society. William Norman Pittenger, a British theologian, who responded quickly after 1967, tried to find out a theological acceptance for homosex ...

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Intelligent Design in the Universe

the universe.In his classic, Natural Theology (1802),{1} eighteenth-century English philosopher and theologian William Paley marshaled evidence for a designed universe from both the physical and biolo ...

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The Egoism of Jonathan Edwards

As a preacher, revivalist, philosopher and theologian, Jonathan Edwards echoes through the history of America as the foremost Christian thinker ...

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Scholasticism; What It Is and Who Started It.

including the Saint named Thomas Aquinas, who was an Italian Catholic, who was a philosopher and a theologian that used the scholastic method when he spoke to others.Scholasticism combined logic and ... hich was between the years 1250 and 1350, scholasticism went from being a way of thinking that only theologians used to a way of thinking that many fields used. Fields of study such as Psychology, epi ...

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The Christian Walk

hip with people. Some people believe that the Bible should be viewed as humanity's view of God, but theologian Abraham Joshua Heschel described the Biblical God as "anthropopathic", which means that o ...

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Gothicism Embedded in Religion: Comparing Jonathan Edwards to American Gothic Authors: Compares Jonathan Edwards, Charles Brockden Brown's "Weiland", and Edgar Allan Poe

ertwines the divine with the sinister. The sermons and personal narratives of America's most famous theologian, Jonathan Edwards, are evidence of the level of extreme religious fanaticism of the time ...

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The Bible as Literature

atypical phrase, which becomes the bearing before a narrative expansion. Biblical interpreters and theologians have written narrative expansions in the form of passages or in essay form. Their goal i ... e perceive as a devout biblical figure would do in an unambiguous circumstance. A great deal of the theologian expansions can be categorized as exegetical in nature because of the interpretation from ...

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Divine And Human Law

Divine and Human Law As seen by St. Thomas AquinasSt. Thomas Aquinas was a very influential theologian and philosopher of the 13th century. In the 49 years of St. Thomas Aquinas' life he compo ...

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