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Methods of control ( curfew )

opinions from both sides. In reality one must step in both pairs of life's shoes to make a decision.Theoretically speaking, all men and women are created equally. Equality comes in many forms as do me ...

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Privacy issues: ECHELON and the UKUSA agreement enable leading world governments to intercept the world's communications. A report discussing how and why they get away with it.

Secret Power, a book which gave details about ECHELON and New Zealand's role in the system.Although theoretically an individual's right to privacy is protected by international treaties, the five gove ...

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I know the secret!

r eyes focused onthat which they shouldn't. They loose all focus on what is supposed to be happeningtheoretically and concentrate on what is actually happening.I think it is agreed by all magicians an ...

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Discuss the principle or principles that underpin, or should underpin, UK discrimination law.

ciple which is proposed to underpin discrimination law in turn, discussing whether or not it should theoretically underpin that law, and whether or not it substantively does so. It should be noted her ... orm part of our law?Attempts to achieve an equal outcome by positive discrimination do not fit well theoretically with the model of formal equality that writers such as Fenwick claim our law is based ...

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Direct democracy -vs- representitive democracy. Contains the ideas of Rousseau

y the arguments for and against each form of democracy are plentiful. However, it is my belief that theoretically, Direct Democracy is the superior form of political rule. Due to problems with in the ...

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An articulated elucidation of Locke's theory on private property and the implications it imposes on sovereigntyheory of Property

is now known as British Empiricism, is also considered highly influential in establishing grounds, theoretically at least, for the constitution of the United States of America. The basis for understa ...

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ses. Stem cells are master cells that have the potential to turn into any type of cell in the body. Theoretically, if the persons own DNA was used to make an embryo, stem cells could be extracted and ...

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The Classification and Formation of Crystals

d compound can crystallize in a definite and characteristic form.Thirty-two classes of crystals are theoretically possible, almost all common minerals fall into one of about twelve classes, and some c ...

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Understanding people: "It is always those we live with and love and should know who elude us."

y know their outer image. To see what is really going on in peoples' minds we must understand them. Theoretically, spending every hour of every day with the people we love should make us aware of what ...

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The Pros and Cons of EMU - European Monetary Union. A concise summary (3000 words) of the main pros and cons of EMU and the Euro - covering economics, social issues, national soviergnty, etc.

llion people in the 'Eurozone' are beginning to experience some of the pros, and the cons of EMU.Theoretically, the concept of EMU can be traced back as far as the Treaty of Rome in 1957. Although ...

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5 sector model RE the Economy.

as devised to simplify the way we can look at it. The model attempts to illustrate how money should theoretically flow in the economy.The first sector is the household sector. This consists of consume ...

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The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were witness to several intellectual revolutions in Europe.

, was subject to laws and limits, just as nature was. If these laws could be discovered it would be theoretically possible to predict a person's actions and behavior. In fact, one late philosophe, Ant ...

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The Imperial Civil Exam System.

from 600 AD to the industrial revolution, was the most progressive system of its kind in the world. Theoretically the government's exams allowed any Chinese man an equal chance at even the highest pos ... a. Everywhere in the west limitations on political power were applied based on heredity and wealth. Theoretically these barriers did not exist in the Chinese system. In all cases, even in democratic A ...

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Why is the demand curve of a firm in perfect competition perfectly elastic?

Theoretically speaking four different market structures exists in today's world. Monopoly, oligopoly ...

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Essay on the life of Alan Turing and a discription of his life work.

e concept of the Turing machine. The Turing machine was a theoretical computing device, which could theoretically perform any mathematical calculation. Soon after, he chose to study artificial intelli ...

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Cloning Editorial

Cloning EditorialEditorialThe same procedures used to clone sheep and cattle could theoretically be usedto clone humans. A very important question in today's world is? Is cloningright ...

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eading some Art History books, I was surprised by what seemed to be the general consensus among the theoretically-minded that art history bears a particularly problematic relation to theory. It seemed ...

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After the civil war...did the women of america get what they wanted or all their efforts were failed and unsuccessful?

ng to the women, was the time to grant. The 14th amendment contained the word "male citizens", this theoretically did not assure women as the citizens of U.S. The 20th amendment, granting women the ri ...

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Should stem cell research be permitted? To what extent, if any, should possible benefits of this research be thought of as over-ridding any moral objections some might have to such research?

entific and medical fields in the 21st century. These stem cells have the potential to develop into theoretically any cell in the human body thus having the potential to save lives, treat and cure dis ... research are derived from embryos. Stem cells derived from embryos have the ability to develop into theoretically any cell in the human body. Adult stem cells can also be extracted from the brains of ...

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Drugs Deteriorates Civilized Society

legal narcotics in the world that can only have a huge, destructive, impact on a civilized society. Theoretically, a civilized society is defined as a society that shows evidence of moral and intellec ...

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