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Roswell Incident

The Roswell IncidentEdward O'BrienMarch 13, 1997CP-11 Period 6OutlineThesis: The Roswell Incident, which enlightened our minds to the capacity of excepting, has remained ...

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Are We Alone? (about Extra Terestials)

OutlineThesis: We once believed that Earth is the only planet in the Universethat supports life. Today ther ...

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"Gun Control"

OutlineThesis: Handguns should be outlawed with the exception of law enforcementpurposes.I. Why Not Real Gu ...

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Communication over the net and how the Net will effect the economy

onomy Excellent summaryCommunication over the internet, and the effects it will have on our economy.Thesis: Communication over the internet is growing at a rapid rate, this rate of growth may destroy ...

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Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls

ow they help or hinder Jay Berry the protagonist in Wilson Rawls novel Summer of the Monkeys Thesis: Before Jay Berry succeeds his goal he encounters many conflicts that both hinder and help hi ...

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God's Law vs Human Law in Great Expectations

well supported thesis, good flow. watch for dangling modifiersIn his book Great Expectations, the problematic natur ...

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Coping with Responsibility: How Reliable is Daycare? (with full-sentence outline and works cited)

Coping with Responsibility: How reliable is daycare?Thesis: Although the general public would suggest parents being responsible for their children, it i ...

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Gun Control in America: a new approach at an issue that is becomming an epidemic. Possible solutions and the costs of those solutions.

cant and widespread problem that needs some immediate legislative attention if it is to be remedied.Thesis: Injury and death from guns is a serious and widespread problem that is caused due to easy ac ...

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The Nazi Euthanasia Propaganda Plans

Thesis: Adolf Hitler was able to deceive millions of Germans people through well planned propaganda ...

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Machiavelli's The Prince,

sychological game with thereader in order to convince them of his argument.Machiavelli prefaces his thesis with commentary thatattempts to place the reader in a subordinate state-of-mind.He confesses ... relegated the ranks of those ignorant dullardsthat do not understand. Machiavelli then presents histhesis, that a ruler must use both good and evil in order tomaintain his power over the state. The r ...

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George Orwell

uld win. In this novel I believe that hating Big Brother is what kept Winstonalive. To support this thesis the supporting arguments are Winston expressed his feelingswhich proves he was a sane human, ...

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Capital punishment

Thesis : In principle a case can be made on moral grounds both supportingand opposing capital punish ...

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Critical Summary of Cultural Effects on Eating Attitudes in Israeli Subpopulations and Hospitalized Anorectics

i Subpopulations and Hospitalized Anorectics (Apter Et Al, 1994), the authors introduce to us their thesis: due to the clashing values between the western ideology of the teenage feminine body and the ... mount of anorexia nervosa proportionate to the severity of the western influence. To test their hypothesis, Apter surveyed adolescent Israeli girls in 10 subpopulations of Israeli culture. Throughout ...

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Journal Review - Incoherence of the moral "ought", an analysis of a paper by Elizabeth Anscombe entitled, 'Modern Moral Philosophy.'

'Modern Moral Philosophy.' In this analysis, Mr. Richter is only concerned about Anscombe's second thesis, which states as follows:The concepts of moral obligation and moral duty (what is morally rig ... tion of ethics which no longer generally survives and are only harmful without it.According to this thesis, Mr. Richter builds his thesis into five parts. Part one summarizes Elizabeth Anscombe's rese ...

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Being a Hero, an essay on the Aeneid and how the gods make a hero who he is Sometimes a little wordy,

Thesis: Despite his accomplishments and the glory associated with his life, Aeneas only achieves the ...

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The Cybernetic Plot of Ulysses

se activities and ideas that have to do with the sending, carrying, and receiving ofinformation. My thesis is that there is a cybernetic plot to ULYSSES -- a constellation or meaningful pattern to the ...

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Breach of confidentiality, why not to trust Shrinks

king TherapyI. The need for confidentiality in therapyA. Establish trustB. A patients bill of rightsThesis: The duty to warn has created an ethical dilemma for psychological professionals.II. Therapis ...

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Business and the Internet

North America will have 38 million online households, one third of all households.The reasoning, or thesis, of the article is the question of whether the Web should be used for information purposes, o ...

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The Internet, what is it?

Thesis: A commonly asked question is 'What is the Internet?'. Not many people know how it originated ...

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Computer Crime

imes are their and what kind of things you can do with them? I would like to find out why people do thesis things? I would also like to learn the laws against all computer crime?IIToday's computer soc ... many other crimes against phone companies.In the book Computer Crime it states, most people commit thesis crimes, because they where carious and wanted to explore the system. All they want to do is e ...

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