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What is Art?

sts' ideas if a person expects to ever beany kind of innovator or even be remembered as any kind of thinker.Art to me is a meaningful expression of one's thoughts and ideas. Youhave to have feeling an ...

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A seven page biography on Ralph Waldo Emerson.

One of the greatest thinkers of all time who contributed to the Transcendentalist movement was Ralph Waldo Emerson. Euro ... allenging events took place that concluded to the magnificent, but unique, mind of this influential thinker. The many wonderful works of art ranged from his essay, "Nature," expressing the mystical un ... Supreme Being and allows the Lord's influence in his life.Ralph Waldo Emerson was one the greatest thinkers and writers of all time. His influence is immeasurable, his thoughts are extreme and comple ...

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Mill and Locke's conception of Freedom

ty are influential and potent literary works which while outlining the conceptual framework of each thinkers ideal state present two divergent visions of the very nature of man and his freedom. John L ... r evil behavior, as well as the ends or purpose of political societies.In order to examine how each thinker views man and the freedom he ought to have in political society it is necessary to define fr ...

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"Animal Farm" by Orwell. Speaks of the difference of Napoleon and Snowball (characteristics etc.)

s. 24-25.) Snowball was the one with the ideas like the committeesand the windmill. He was a better thinker than Napoleon.When all the animals helped kick Mr. Jones off the farm, Snowball ledthe anima ...

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The Spirit versus the Word of the Law: The Consequences of Sherlock Holmes's Criminal Characteristics

To even consider Sherlock Holmes, the most magnificent criminal investigator and analytical thinker ever written about, a mastermind criminal may be proclaimed preposterous blasphemy by many. ...

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The theories and principals of Karl Marx, and the effect his ideas have had on the world today.

The ideas of Karl MarxKarl Marx was one of the most important thinkers of Western civilization. For good or for ill, few individuals have had as profound an effec ... ls have had as profound an effect on the course of history as Karl Marx. Marx was a highly original thinker: like many original thinkers, he expressed many intelligent ideas and a considerable amount ...

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Friedrich Nietzche regarding his theory 'God is dead'.

The Truth Is Not Out ThereFriedrich Nietzsche has perhaps been the most influential thinker of the 19th and 20th century. When Nietzsche proclaimed, "God is dead", it echoed around the ... ately the morals of mankind. Nietzsche as a man is a topic of debate for scholars everywhere. Every thinker has his or her own Nietzsche, as created by his letters, writings, and ultimately the manner ... man. This type of free thought and questioning is perhaps what makes Nietzsche the most influential thinker of the twentieth century.First off, perhaps Nietzsche's life influenced this search for the ...

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Description of the four Hindu paths to "Brahman"/God and which one appeals to me the most.

e different paths to God.Jnana yoga is the path to God through knowledge. This is for those who are thinkers. The Jnana strive to identify with God. It is an intuition within the seeker that they even ... Thinking, and shifting self-identification to the abiding part. These steps lead to "convincing the thinker that she possesses more than her finite self." Jnana yoga is said to be the shortest and "st ...

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What is your own understanding of freedom? Do you believe freedom is an individual or communal ideal? What is true freedom?

ery. These two men have shown us an example of both communal and individual freedom.For the average thinker, freedom is more of an individual ideal. One must be free with oneself before they start to ...

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Discussion of the sun in the Albert Camus novel "The Stranger".

the AlbertCamus story, The Stranger, the sun represents a new element. Camus, a veryunconventional thinker, twisted the common meaning of the sun into a painful image. Thesun is on constant vigil of ...

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What did habermas mean by the "public sphere"?

f the mass media in contemporary society?Jurgen Habermas by many is considered the most influential thinker in Germany; his ideas of the "public sphere" were developed in the enlightenment era of the ...

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Paternalism in the USA and Johhn Stuart Mills.

t most paternalistic action and is an advocate of maximum liberty. He was raised to become a modern thinker that became a revolutionary philosopher and has written countless essays, books, and magazin ... nal, and physical growth, which he felt somewhat resentful for. He was simply trained to be a great thinker. Mill began to admire and follow the work of Jeremy Bentham at around age fifteen. He felt B ...

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John Knowle's "A Separate Peace".

on to help the reader understand this.Gene's character is introduced into the story as an obsessive thinker, with this, he is one of the few boys who realize that Devon has it's own separate peace. Ge ...

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Karl Marx - A basic history and outline

---------------------------------------------------------Karl Marx is the most definitive socialist thinker to emerge from the 19th Century. His extremely contentious and controversial views were reje ...

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Critical Thinking and Decision Making.

in solving problems, formulating inferences, calculating likelihoods, and making decisions when the thinker is using skills that are thoughtful and effective for the particular context and type of thi ...

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John Lock, a universal thinker.

The Long-lived Universal Effects of an Enlightened ThinkerWritten By Heidi M. WilsonThe Enlightenment was a period of intense intellectual ferment that ... inspired by Newton's ability to find underlying causes to the world of matter, a new generation of thinkers began taking new approaches to uncover other mysteries. The influence of the scientific rev ... Thomas Hobbes ideas and beliefs to a further and very different path.John Locke was an Enlightened thinker. He developed contrasting ideas to Hobbe's that had a more positive view on human nature. He ...

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A look at plato and why he was a classical writer.

was one of the most influential Classical writers of all time. Plato can be said to be a classical thinker in its most pure form.One of the most important questions that Plato was seeking an answer t ... dea". This quest and belief of "perfect" is one of the characteristics of the Classical Period. The thinkers of the classical period were after perfection, order, and the idealism of the world.For Pla ...

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The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945).

worker to drive himself toward heavy labor? Is it presumptuous of a man with the high forehead of a thinker to ponder through the nights till he gives the world an invention? The man who feels called ...

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Analysis of Napoleon as an individual in history; particular attention is paid to Napoleon's role as emperor and the abilities that allowed him to accomplish his fantastic achievements,

nd was a product of The Enlightenment,... Having entered into a life of action, he still remained a thinker. This warrior was never happier than in the silence of his own study, surrounded by papers a ...

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This is an essay about Nietzsche's christinity, talks about evolution of idealogies.

nificant. One of the major periods of advancement in this field was the late 19th century. One such thinker to arise in this period is Friedrich Nietzsche. Greatly controversial, Nietzsche's work was ...

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