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30 Years War

The Thirty Years War was a series of conflicts that began in the early 17th century in the Holy Roman Em ...

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The 30 Years War and Things That Led To It.

Arguably one of the most bloody and confusing wars was the Thirty Year War. The war took place between the years 1618 and 1648. The war could have been shorten ... which had ruled them for some 60 years.Some other interesting things that came about because of the Thirty-Year War was the end of religious wars in Europe. Small fights involving religion still broke ... ught when they felt they were being threatened personally.Although bloody and nearly pointless, the Thirty-Year War showed Europeans what they were up against in terms of war and consequences and show ...

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Blaise Pascal

holdings in bonds were enough to keep the family wealthy for a long time. During this time was the Thirty Year War in France and because of this event the Cardinal Richelieu basically funded the war ...

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The Battle Breitenfeld

Modern Warfare" because of his unique tactics and innovative weapons. This was the beginning of the Thirty Year War.Weapons and TacticsAfter fighting the Russians and the Poles He saw that tactics wer ... oles He saw that tactics were out of date and needed to change. The models and tactics used for the Thirty Year war was fashioned after the Spanish Tercios and the Dutch Battalions. Spanish Tercios wa ...

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