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1984 by George Orwell - Book Report

aw five fingers. Do you remember that?''Yes.'O'Brien held up the fingers of his left hand, with the thumb concealed.'There are five fingers there. Do you see five fingers?''Yes.'And he did see them, f ...

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This is a process paper which guides a reader through the steps of a golf swing.

When gripping the club, the player should place the grip in the joints of the left fingers with the thumb pointing down the center or slightly to the right of the shaft. Then the player should place t ...

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Typical Taiwanese Customs associated with Eating.

lowing is the method of holding chopsticks:1.Put one chopstick between the palm and the base of the thumb,2.Use the ring finger (the third finger) to support the lower part of the stick.3.With the thu ... the ring finger pushes it up. The stick should be stationary and very stable.4.Use the tips of the thumb, the index and middle finger to hold the other stick like an ink pen.5.Make sure the tips of t ...

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Holes, Louis Sachar, "Stanley's Camp Green Lake Experience was ultimately successful " (Novel Essay)

nt if you don't give up you can achieve a lot. He didn't give up when he was walking toward the big thumb; if he did then he would be dead. He didn't give up when he was digging Zero's and his own hol ... s the long time riddle of his great-grandfather. His great-grandfather said "I found refuge on gods thumb". His family always wondered how he survived in the desert without food or water for three wee ...

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Ernie: Rock Bottom

f dust and gently swept them off the ledge. He looked to his right and did the same. He smudged his thumb on the piece of concrete between his legs and picked it up slowly so that the particles clung ... the ledge next to the pigeon. Ernie walked back to the elevator and took his blazer off. He gave a thumbs up to the pigeon, then ran as fast as he could to the ledge, planted his foot firmly on the l ...

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Buses: Part 6

le to make it there on my own two feet if no one stopped. My hand felt awkward as I lazily waved my thumb in the air to passer-byes. Much to my surprise, and clearly defeating what I had been told abo ... rejoined the traffic.I went my direction while walking backwards, this time frantically flailing my thumb at the cars while they passed and left me in the dusty fumes of a highway. Once again someone ...

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Creative Writing "The Last Mile In The Rain"

of course he had taken it. For her, only the best would do. As he cut the rose, he had pricked his thumb on a thorn. A perfect drop of crimson blood had welled up, and he had watched as it slowly ran ... beautiful, it smelled beautiful, too. He smiled. A little blood was still leaking from his wounded thumb. He started to wipe it on his trousers, but changed his mind and wiped it on the grass instead ...

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Process and Analysis essay on: How to make Tea

ay full of ice. Then, you are ready to mix.Third, grab the left edge of the tea packet between your thumb and index finger. With your other hand, begin peeling the upper-left corner until the entire t ...

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The Biography of Lazlo Moholy-Nagy. A creative photographer.

e he entered the war and while in war he would produce hundreds of sketches. Laszlo had injured his thumb during the war and because of his horrific experience in the war; it was somehow made clear to ...

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Body language and its importance.

be not communicating something. However, it is different in some countries, "In France the OK sign (thumb and forefinger forming a circle) is usually a Gallic way of expressing that something is worth ... countries it means, "good job." However, it is different in some countries, "In France the OK sign (thumb and forefinger forming a circle) is usually a Gallic way of expressing that something is worth ...

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every password, credit card, and ID card were replaced with a glance into a camera or a swipe of a thumb? Biometrics can do just that. They are methods of identification by behavioral or physiologica ...

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Biomechanics of throwing of a javelin

ps1. Index finger grip (American Style):* Index finger grips the shaft to the rear of the binding.* Thumb lies along the side of the binding* The javelin lies in the centre of the palm2. Second Finger ... alm2. Second Finger Grip (Finnish Style):* Index finger is extended along the shaft of the javelin* Thumb lies along the side of the binding* Middle finger grips the shaft of the javelin to the rear o ...

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The Freudian Theory

e all objects of interest get put into the mouth. Examples of this would be a person biting his/her thumb or smoking excessively. Most people are out of this phase by the time they turn two years old. ...

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The Human Hand

placement in western culture. The pinky is the last of the four fingers and also the smallest. The thumb is not truly a finger as it can be rotated almost 90 compared to the fingers 45 and it is much ...

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This is what True Love is all about

imately 8:30 a.m., when an elderly gentleman in his 80's, arrived to have stitches removed from his thumb. He stated that he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at 9:00 am.I took his vital signs a ...

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Love You I Will Not

Bind meThumb to thighPush meHead in river yonDrag me name byBut love you I will not.Since of dawnTill break ...

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Anatomy: The metacarpophalangeal joint a.k.a. the knuckle

ve of these joints located within each hand, and the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint located in the thumb has a different anatomical structure than that of the other four. The metacarpophalangeal join ... und heads of the metacarpals into shallow cavities at the proximal ends of the first phalanges. The thumb is an exception and resembles more of a ginglymoid joint. (4) A condylar joint, also known as ...

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America For Better Or Worse

ring what to do for the evening. I reach for the Good Times section of our local paper and begin to thumb through it. Ah yes, the movie section. After a mild tug of war, I convince my wife to see Glad ...

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I Am Wat I Am

augh. Until he did, bringing with him a box of blueberry cheesecake (which he knew I'd give my left thumb for). Then I realized what he said was true: we were great friends. And that, really, it was o ...

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Johnny Tremain

go get an old medicine woman to help him. When his hand got better, scar tissue had formed over his thumb rendering his thumb useless. Mr. Lapham told Johnny that he had to find another trade that he ...

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