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Sports Injuries, Posterior Cruciate Ligament Tear.

The InjuryThe PCL is in the center of your knee just behind the ACL. It connects the femur to the tibia and it limits the backward motion of the tibia and functions as one of the stabilizers of the ... . The patient may have slight soreness or stiffness and mild swelling.A ruptured PCL will allow the tibia to assume a more posterior position relative to the femur if a posterior force is applied to t ...

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Shin Splints- an explanation of the kinds of shin splints, causes, effects, symptoms, short/long-term treatments, and influence on our society today. Includes Bibliography (only a list of resources).

Shin splints, or in other words Medial Tibial Pain Syndrome, are one of the most misdiagnosed running conditions. To sum up the definition ... diagnosed running conditions. To sum up the definition of Shin Splints, it is an overworking of the tibia and its muscles. Many times, this condition is a result from improper conditioning or running ... bad running shoes. This movement causes the soleus muscle to pull very hard on the backside of the tibia causing the muscle to form very small tears at the point of attachment.There are two different ...

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Sports Injury Factured Tibia and Fibula

me and explanation of the injuryThe lower leg has two bones that connect the knee to the ankle: the tibia and the Fibula. The tibia is the larger of the two bones and runs on the inside of the lower l ... ller and runs along the outside of the lower leg (shin fracture)."Of all the body's long bones, the tibia is not only the most likely to be fractured, but it is also the most likely to break through t ...

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Notes on the muscles

ness or tone(atonia), Spaastic- too much tone(hypertonia)-Shin Splints-soreness on the front of the tibia-Spasm-tic in eye involuntary muscle contraction-Tetanus- lock jaw-Tetany- caused by alkalosis- ...

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Osgood Schlatter's disease

a disease that often occurs in adolescents and is characterized by inflammation of the bump on the tibia below the knee known as the tibial tuberosity. Osgood-Schlatter is a very painful disease that ... ments, tendons, and muscles. There are 4 main bones of the knee. These bones are the femur, fibula, tibia, and patella. In addition to these bones there is cartilage located between the femur and tibi ...

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Animal Physiology Lab Report: Mechanoreceptors of Cockroach

this experiment, it was found that there exists a spontaneous resting activity within the cockroach tibia even though tactile sensilla receptors have not yet been stimulated. From figure 1 it can be o ...

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This essay is about the patella tendon or patella ligament and the injury to it called Patellar Tendonitis.

a ligament or a tendon. It can be a ligament because it connects the femur with the patella and the tibia and a tendon because it joins the quadriceps femoris and parts of the gastrocenimus. It is att ... e rough depression on its posterior surface. At the bottom it is connected to the tuberosity of the tibia. The superficial fibers of the ligament are continuous over the front of the patella that star ...

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Substandard Patient Care

o attend to the patient. This nurse decided that the symptoms pointed to a possible fracture of the tibia or fibula based on the location of the swelling and discomfort. The nurse then sent the patien ...

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