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The History of Computers and the Internet

. BBS's are normally text based.2. The Creator of the WWW-A graduate of Oxford University, England, Tim is now with the Laboratory for Computer Science ( LCS)at the Massachusetts Institute of Technolo ... ith the mission to realize the full potential of the Web.With a background of system design in real-time communications and text processing software development, in 1989 he invented the World Wide Web ...

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The Web

be used for the playing and viewing of sound and video files.The WWW project was started in 1992 by Tim Berners-Lee, while he was working at CERN( the European Laboratory for Particle Physics). The id ... that were a match. Many searches are too broad and that's the trouble with many of the engines. Sometimes a simple query will return more than half a million pages. Unless you are fortunate and the pa ...

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How the Internet is a black hole that sucks it's victims into isolationism

f us, the Internet is a powerful tool used for research, exchanging files and trading music, or sometimes it is viewed only as just one more bill to pay at the end of the month. For a growing minority ... of the month. For a growing minority, however, the Net is becoming a social magnet, sucking its victims away from real life. For these people, the Internet is almost a second chance at a so-called "f ...

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How The Internet has Affected the Music Industry.

When Tim-Berners Lee dreamt up the, then, crazy idea, of an inter-global network, I'm sure very few peopl ... reamt up the, then, crazy idea, of an inter-global network, I'm sure very few people had the same optimism in believing that it could happen in the future.Over the last ten years, the Internet has evo ... wnloading music online. The Internet has now become one of the music industry's greatest markets, estimated to reach over 25% of sales in five years. This may be true, yet the Internet is also one of ...

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Ethics on the Internet.

to the daily lives of more and more people, ethical questions take on a practical urgency. For sometimes the hacker can kill. According to Britain's Scotland Yard, someone broke into the weather comp ... case, this unauthorized entry led directly to the loss of a ship at sea.(John Markoff. The New York Times, Vol. CXLI II, page E7, October 24,1993. Cited on:15).2. FoundationsThis section I will interp ...

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Summary Of Nerds 2.0.1

th Internet, people can communicate with each other around the world easily. An English programmer, Tim Burners Lee in Geneva, Switzerland, first invented Internet. His biggest success was to give an ...

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The Internet And Its Impact On Society

brvbar; No, it's not superman, it's the Internet. The Internet has been around for a good amount of time and has shaped, but affected today's society a great deal. For some, it's very hard to understa ... nvented the word "hypertext"�, but the most well-known man relating to the Internet would be Time Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web (WWW).The Internet simply works like this. It wo ...

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Web 2.0

a cultural Anthropologist uploaded (The machine is us/ing us). It states that we are the web. Every time we send a link or tag a photo we are teaching this machine. People sharing, trading and collabo ... which is open sourced.Definition:So to clearly explain Web 2.0 we can define it as in the words of Tim O'Reilly:"Web 2.0 is the understanding that the network is the platform and on the network as a ...

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The Internet: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

less complicated. In 1991 the first user-friendly interface to the Internet was developed. In 1989 Tim Berners-Lee proposed a new protocol for information distribution. The protocol became the World ...

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Internet Governance

happen. The power of the internet as a democratizing force comes from being uncontrollable and oftentimes chaotic. While this has done a lot of good for the people in places like Pakistan and Darfur a ... tml documents viewed through a web browser, was ushered in the early 1990s by English physicist Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who will go down in history as the father of the World Wide Web we use, know, and l ...

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causes of ww1

nets, the invention of the Modem by Dennis Hayes and the overall creation of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991 to name a few. Despite being a breakthrough in modern technology, the intern ... he idea that their every move online should be tracked or altered. However, it is apparent that sometimes, it is necessary. It is easy to assume that cyber bullying is a myth, and that young adults ha ...

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Electronic Communication and Human Interaction: Adverse Effects of Unhealthy Boundaries with Technology

existence. (Lee, et al. 376). Prior to the creation of the internet, invented by software designer Tim Berners-Lee in 1991, human beings' primary source of interaction was through direct face-to-face ... psychological well-being, and promote out-of-character negative social behavior.The total amount of time people spend daily communicating via electronic devices, rather than socializing face-to-face, ...

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Politic Law

d be confidential from your tax forms to social security. Arrests are public due to deals of the victims and what possible things you did that can be later traced to see if you committed the same prob ... ore regular citizens than of targets of criminal suspicions. It would be such a hassle and waste of time going through all of that, when you could actually be looking into someone's life with a reason ...

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