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A Road Less Traveled.

ve you," can all be successful ventures. Personally, I usually prefer the latter; however, in a lifetime, I feel the awful experiences are the ones that often stand out. Consequently, before I learned ... he many benefits writing can bestow, I absorbed one very hard lesson. Perhaps the most embarrassing time of my life, and one that has remained with me until now and conceivably forever, was the spring ...

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Personal personality.

ts and reading ahead every chapter in biology before we started it, only to be rewarded with the sentiment of satisfaction, when I received my grades. I believe being motivated and goal oriented goes ... occer, a soccer team of the finest junior soccer players in the southern region of Texas. I had the time of my life when we were invited to play in the National Junior Soccer Tournament in Europe.Thir ...

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Vietnam Memorial Interview/ "The Things They Carried" --Vanderbilt

g to Nam is what the youth of our generation were asked to do, and we did it. There were some tough times but that is the nature of the beast. I am proud to have served in Vietnam but there is no reas ... the same thing" (Thomas Marshall 3/22/03) After some more semi-patriotic chatting about serving his time representing his country and the memorial representing their losses, Tom asked me if I'd like t ...

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The Conflict

It was by far the most conflicting time period of my life. I was a young adolescent, torn between a friend and a girl. It was the summe ... n a friend and a girl. It was the summer following my junior year of high school and was having the time of my life day in and day out with my friends. This utopian life came to a halt, sooner than I ... began innocently enough. My friends and I were all at a party. We had been drinking for quite some time and at that point we had all had enough of each other and the main focus had turned to girls. T ...

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Story called "rice"

ught I might have a change and sit at the back. It was half way through the class; I was having the time of my life sitting at the back by myself and drawing on the table. It was then when I realized ... re in the front row of class avoiding the big bully Vince arm wrestling each other. I beat Silas 10 times it felt easy to me, maybe it was the weights I've been doing. The next day Silas came t ...

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Night Life

involves dancing, peace, love, unity, and respect. It is known as raving or rave parities.The first time that I went to one of these parities, which was called starscape, I didn't even want to go, but ... s called starscape, I didn't even want to go, but my friend convinced me that I would have the best time of my life.It was a long ride to Baltimore; we had rented van for the eight of us that were goi ...

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Traveling The World

ent I saw the buildings of the Downtown Disney, I knew that I was there and I was going to have the time of my life. Driving down the main road of the resort I saw a giant sign with who else standing ... orning. We were a short walkway from the small pool that was always open, the pool had at any given time only about ten people. The shape of the pool I had never seen before, a snaking oval pool. To m ...

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Love from the Dark

Chapter 1It StartsThe place and time of my life is Muncie, IN. The year is 2007. It was a nice day so I decided to wear my favorite ... ought out for me, my father had everything planned for me, yet I craved for something more worth my time and my talent, something alive, yet dangerous, something untouchable. A life were I can do what ... ght way and then he showed me the way he did it. Turns out he's a great bowler, he got strikes both times. We got home about 2:30 A.M. I had a great time learning how to bowl. The first date went perf ...

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The Bell Jar

contradictory personalities of her peers, believes the bell jar is always there above her, and sometimes it will descend, suffocating her.One main contribution to Esther's downfall was the lack of su ... and artistic ambitions. In the beginning of the novel, she states, "I was supposed to be having the time of my life. I was supposed to be the envy of thousands of other college girls just like me." Ev ...

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Narrative Essay: Getting Married

ok getting married seriously. For years, I was a bachelor and to be quite honest, I was having the time of my life. There were times when I felt the urge to settle down, but for the most part, I was ... h came and went as I pleased. In my mind, single life was the best and I did not want to rush these times along. Sure, I knew I would marry eventually but I figured that I had a lot of time to do so. ...

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