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A three page paper covering the massacre at My Lai during the Vietnam war. (Bibliography included)

One of the American military's darkest wartime activities ever, the rape, torture, and murder of hundreds of innocent Vietnamese civilians wit ... y called a massacre, then tragic and finally nothing more than an incident, which occurred during a time of war. It was a futile invasion of a small settlement in Vietnam where there were no enemies p ...

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How World War I and World War II influence fashion.

Industrial and social change was always around.Women's clothes seen to have changed more during the time of war. A successful revolt by women against social and political restrictions led to the disap ... restrictions led to the disappearance of physical restrictions of the corset. Almost for the first time in five centuries, the natural shape of women reappeared in clothing after World War I (1914-19 ...

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Lord of the flies short summary

During an unnamed time of war, a plane carrying a group of British schoolboys is shot down over thePacific. The pilot ...

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Is Capital Punishment Unconstitutional?

, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put i ...

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The cost of wars such as war with Iraq.

the federal budget was reasonably clear. And civil expenditures that became defense expenditures in time of war or national emergency were well understood. For example, the Coast Guard, as a peacetime ... d of state governors, was federalized.Plans were also in place to make available private sector maritime assets for national security as needed. (1)On the other hand, not considered a defense expendit ...

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A comparison essay on Bush's Sept. 11 speech and Roosevelt's Dec 7 speech.

A TIME OF WAR FOR PEACEWar has been apart of history since the beginning of our time. America won its ... organization. Once again the surprise attacks shocked Americans into disbelief and sadness. At this time the world was in a relative state of peace. The untested President George W. Bush made his spee ... and.This morning, the Japanese attacked Midway Island.(Roosevelt 450)His purpose is to show that no time can be wasted and immediate action must be taken. President Bush's address is different in the ...

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The essay is of a critical appreciation of an unseen poem, taken from The Lorca Variations, entitled "In A Time Of War".

The title of Rothenberg's poem "In a Time of War" seems to encapsulate the poem's subject-matter, written with uncomplicated words of the ... e gateway to the hive." The lesson Rothenberg is conveying to the readers that war may strike us anytime, and so we should prevent it at all costs if not things might return to how he describes it in ... nts us to feel, as closely as possible of the horrific experiences that war can bring out. Wars sometimes take decades before it ends and the literal length of the stanza symbolizes this. And yet, as ...

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War and U.S. Economy.

WAR and U.S. ECONOMYDuring time of war, the economy is expected to strengthen and grow, but under certain circumstances like th ... e off.The assumption of many Americans is that an attack on Iraq will help continue what is at this time a pretty weak economy. Without a doubt military action against Iraq will get people off of the ... t for analyzing the economic impact of an attack on Iraq is the Gulf War in 1990. The world at that time was heading into its last recession, making the timing of the war in alliance to the economic c ...

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"Beowul Part One" He saves a neighboring people from a monster, Grendel, eventually becomes the king of his own people, and dies defending them from a dragon.

did--give out treasureswhile they're still youngso that when they're oldpeople will support themin time of war.A man prospersby good deedsin any nation.Shield died at his fated hour,went to God still ... ple,given to the sea.The wisest alive can't tellwhere a death ship goes.Grain ruled the Danesa long time after his father's death,and to him was bornthe great Healfdene, fierce in battle,who ruled unt ...

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Select two or three poems from 'Men Who March Away' which we have studied, and show what impressions they give you of the period 1914 to 1918.

For this task I will use two separate poems from different poets during the time of World War One, which have different views and then I will talk about what impression they gi ... e' by Rupert Brooke.I chose Wilfred Owen because he use's a lot of irony. Owen was a soldier at the time of war and because of this, his poem is a primary piece of text vital to historians because he ... happens next.In the second stanza, we are focused on one man who couldn't get his gas helmet on in time. Owen uses two words here that clash: "ecstasy" and "fumbling". Ecstasy is a positive word, whe ...

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Can morality be found in POW camps?

mes POW camps. The outcome of the 3rd Geneva Convention created rules to make certain morality in a time of war. The 3rd Geneva Convention Laws must be obeyed. The laws set out the duties, responsibil ...

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How the Miranda vs. Arizona case spurred the Supreme Court to specifically outline the necessary aspects of police warnings to suspects.

izona), and arrested Ernesto Miranda, a mentally unstable man. Miranda, who was 23-years-old at the time of his arrest, confessed that he had kidnapped and raped the woman. By confessing to the crime, ... , except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put i ...

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Reading response - "Ode to an Orange"

as "the winters of the forties" which I felt was very important in setting the background. It was a time of war, rationing of food, limited transportation, a difficult time to import items from other ... perience as a child, which are like these boys' experiences. When I was in Japan, I got a cold many times. Each time I told my mom, "I'm getting a cold," instead of saying, "I want a melon." The melon ...

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Death's Empowerment Over Life-Analysis of Louis Simpson's poem, Carentan O Carentan

It is the merciless force that takes life from life, and it's the one thing many of us fear. During time of war, death can't be overcome or avoided. For these reasons, it's evident that death is more ... ful celebration of life. This passage clearly represents life before war due to the fact that often times the smallest and menial things in life are taken for granted. In times of war, what is most de ...

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Political Analysis of the movie Gladiator. Asked by prof to summarize & examine cultural influences, economy, political events.

gladiator, and gladiator to liberator. The bulk of the movie takes place in Ancient Rome, during a time of war and the emergence of Christianity. It delves into segments of Roman culture, political c ... imus is brought to Rome.In the great city we see the plethora of the social classes present at that time. Maximus, a slave, is part of the lowest class. Freedmen, the next class up the ladder, have mo ...

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The Things They Carried

this piece is the way in which the author details the life that the soldiers are living during the time of war. We are constantly told of the things they are carrying in their fight. There are descri ... of loss that the leader feels when one of his men dies.In this story of what they carried during wartime, we are also shown the letters that one soldier is carrying. He places much importance on these ...

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What caused World War I?

In 1882 Austro-Hungary, Germany and Italy formed the Triple Alliance with which they stated that in time of war they will defend each other. When in 1888 William II became the new Kaiser of Ger ... liance between Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy because together they formed a dangerous enemy in times of war. So France, Russia and Britain decided to form the Triple Entente not so to help each o ...

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The bill of rights

right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.Amendment IIINo soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but i ... , except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put i ...

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Life in the Year 1968

Analysis of Life for 1968 The year 1968 was a time of war, civil rights movements, and riots. Many big events took place during 1968. Many lives w ... pect" for victory. Another senator Jacob Javits, called military victory "illusory" he said, "it is time to end the Americanization of the war". Vietnam caused many disagreements, and it broke up fami ... ention. Black females were beginning to get involved in politics. On November 5, 1968 for the first time in American history a black female by the name of Shirley Chisholm, defeated James Farmer in th ...

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Morality in Graham Greene's "I Spy"

short story, "I Spy." Greene explains, through the conflict that his protagonists suffer, that sometimes society's morals are artificially removed, for example in a time of war in which the object is ... tral idea of fear. Throughout the story, light is represented as a danger of being caught, and each time Charlie shies away from the light. The candle in his mother's room, the spotlights sweeping the ...

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