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Disease Notes

cesses for their own benefit eg. Chicken poxFungi-spores spores release enzymes to attack cells eg. TineaProtozoa-invade body to get nutrients or reproduce eg. MalariaParasites--cause disease by injec ...

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PART 1 INFECTIOUS DISEASEs – Tinea pedis. Part 2 problems relating to antibiotic resistance PART 3 cataracts and cataract surgery. Part 4 cochlear implants.

9.4 The Search For Better Health Option CommunicationNAME: RABEH SALMAPART 1 INFECTIOUS DISEASEs - Tinea pedis.CauseBetween the toes the environment is rather moist, warm and poorly ventilated, this ... tilated, this consequently results in the optimum requirements for the fungi to live and reproduce (Tinea Pedis, 2005-2006). Tinea pedis is caused by several different fungi including yeasts. Though, ...

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Fungal Infections

tions are not spread from person to person, superficial mycoses often are. The clinical conditions, tinea pedis, tinea manis, tinea corporis, and tinea capitis, affect the feet (athlete's foot), hands ...

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