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Ban on Smoking-Why Smoking should be Banned!

Smoking is the inhalation and exhalation of the smoke of burning tobacco. Tobacco leaves are smoked in a variety of ways. They first go through a drying and curing p ... oking pipes. The most popular method of smoking is by cigarettes, which are made of thinly shredded tobacco rolled in a light paper. Historically, it was thought that smoking was harmless, but more mo ... thought that smoking was harmless, but more modern clinical and laboratory research has proved that tobacco smoke is an enormous hazard to our health. According to Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, "Smo ...

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Should Smoking be Permitted in Certain Places?

nd smoke. "Mr. Hagen cites a number of studies that", he says, 'prove beyond a shadow of doubt that tobacco smoke significantly increase the risk of lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases in n ... a true clash of individual rights. The 30% of people who smoke have rights like anyone else, but if tobacco smoke is an irritant to people that share the space, there's a real problem. There should be ...

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Effect of Smoking on Breathing, Gas Exchange & Pregnancy

inhaled when a cigarette is smoked. Some of the chemicals in tar include benzene and benzo(a)pyrene.Tobacco SmokeTobacco smoke contains many harmful gases that can be damaging to the body such as carb ...

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Banning Cigarettes in Public Places

e a big influence on young children to start smoking, and they are harmful to other people's health.Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals in it. Forty of these chemicals are carcinogenic an ... e spend more than 80 percent of their time indoors. The major source of indoor pollution comes from tobacco smoke. Its indoor air pollution can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat and can a ...

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Heart Disease (Heart disease and common heart dissorders)

ad to heart disease. Latest estimates in Australia say that around 18,000 people die each year form tobacco related diseases. The major factor of smoking leading to heart disease is the chemicals cont ... nclude tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. In terms of the heart the nicotine and carbon monoxide of tobacco smoke causes a lot more damage than the tar in cigarette smoke. Nicotine makes the heart bea ...

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SMOKING: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Health

ut have TWO very obvious connections. Those connections are the family relationship and presence of tobacco smoke in each of their environments. Tobacco smoke kills. Today I will present some informat ... viding proof that their smoke is our smoke. In other words, the second hand smoke, or Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS), associated with the burning tobacco affects the health of all who breathe the f ...

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Smoking in Public

not be allowed anywhere where it can potentially harm another individual without his or her consent.Tobacco smoke contains 4000 chemicals, some of which have marked irritant properties and some 60 are ... to non-smokers health for the reason of passive or second-hand smoke. Many people are irritated by tobacco smoke. Sore throat, cough, headache and eye irritation are just some of the effects that som ...

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Cardiovascular Disease

(increasing age, male gender, and heredity). (2) Major risk factors that can be changed (cigarette/tobacco smoke, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and physical inactivity). (3) Other fact ...

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Effects of Smoking

by the time they are adults they are addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is the addictive ingredient in tobacco. Millions of people are addicted to smoking, and thousands more become addicted every year. ... g, and thousands more become addicted every year. Therefore, the hazardous ingredients in cigarette tobacco have many dangerous effects to your health and the health of others.Tobacco is a prepared le ...

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Identify the cause and effect relationship of smoking and lung cancer:

lled growth of tumours in the lungsCauses: There is a obvious link between smoking and lung cancer. Tobacco smoke contains many carcinogens such as benzeneEffect: As the tumour grows, the air sacs in ...

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Health Effects of Smoking

are around 4000 different chemicals, some of which are highly toxic. Nicotine, a main ingredient of tobacco smoke, is the most addictive drug known to man. Two main topics about smoking in general I w ... g themselves, every time they light up they are killing others as well. The effect of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) on non-smokers is deadly.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates tha ...

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Current events article: exposure and pre-birth smoking with ADHD

e from, on September 20th 2006. It was made on September 19th 2006. It is basically linking tobacco smoke before birth and lead exposure after birth to having ADHD, which over 3.8 million kids ... baby were 2 1/2 times more likely to have ADHD than the children who weren't prenatally exposed to tobacco. It also says that children whose blood level has over 2 micrograms per deciliter were four ...

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Effects Of Tobacco Use

Effects of Tobacco Use Millions of Americans use tobacco. Most of these smokers and chewers want to quit, but f ... difficult. While the health risks are highest among heavy smokers and long-term smokers, no user of tobacco can escape the fallouts. The health risks of smoking and smokeless tobacco are well establis ... obacco are well established and numerous. Many organs and body systems can be adversely affected by tobacco smoke, yet millions continue to use it. Those who start to smoke at an early age are more li ...

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okers in their 50s or 60s, however, cigar and pipe smokers are also at risk. It has been found that tobacco smoke may damage the elastic fibers that make up the walls of the alveoli cells. This loss o ...

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Air conditioning systems

air to replace the stale air found inside a building. This reduces containments in the air, such as tobacco smoke, odours and other pollutants. The main decision though to air condition buildings is u ...

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Medical Marijuana Marijuana is a drug that has been in

can put many people at risk. For example, smoking marijuana is even more damaging to the lungs than tobacco smoking is. Marijuana smoke as 50-70 percent more carcinogens than tobacco smoke does.Mariju ...

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Why Smoking Should be Illegal

in their online page entitled "Cigarette Smoking and Cardiovascular Diseases," ranks cigarette and tobacco smoke as being among "the six major independent risk factors for coronary heart disease" tha ... people die each year from secondhand-smoke-related disease. Since 1964, there have been 12 million tobacco-related deaths in the U.S. Tobacco kills more Americans than auto accidents, homicide, AIDS, ...

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ial of the transformed cells. These abnormalities may be due to the effects of carcinogens, such as tobacco smoke, radiation, chemicals, or infectious agents. Other cancer-promoting genetic abnormalit ...

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Ban on Public Smoking in Canada

oke. This is known as passive smoking. Passive smoking is defined as "the involuntary inhalation of tobacco smoke by a person, especially a nonsmoker, who occupies an area with smokers or a smoker" (" ... in Cigarettes." Quit Smoking, Stop! . 2009. Quit Smoking, Stop! . .GreenFacts, "Scientific Facts on Tobacco." GreenFacts: Facts on Health and the Environment. 2004. GreenFacts. 23 Feb 2009 .Martin, Te ...

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Against Legalizing Marijuana

reased heart rate, and anxiety�;Fact: Marijuana contains 50 - 70% more carcinogens than does tobacco smoke;Fact: Marijuana is Classified as a Schedule I drug, which means it has a high potentia ...

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