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Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Should Marijuana Be Legalized?In society today, many people look for a feeling of freedom. Many people go on vacation and spend money. The mo ...

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Investing in the future: welfare programs, includes a personal experience

Welfare and school reform are two of the most widely discussed issues in politics today. Many people are calling for reduction or elimination welfare programs as well as programs tha ... successful program as it is to fund a potentially unsuccessful one' (Collins 62). Helping children today is an investment in the future of our country, and the potential rewards outweigh the risks.Bi ...

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Atomic Bombing of World War II

n before. The effects of this bomb were terrible. The radiation in the cities still causes problems today. Many people ask the question, 'should we have dropped the atomic bomb?'When the United States ... sterility. There were also many deaths among those who were sent to Hiroshima to rescue people.Even today the atomic bombing still effects Japan. The radiation rate is way above normal. This causes di ...

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This essay discusses how a major company is dealing with the issue of poor health and work performance.

LIVE FOR LIFEPoor health is a huge issue in society today. Many people simply do not take care of themselves, which is one cause of lack of good work pe ...

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Sports in America

needs, and testing their commitment. Sports were first designed only for entertainment values, but today, many people revolve their lives around sports and some do not know it. Sports can be fun and ...

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Packard Bell vs. Dell.

showing up in homes, schools, work, and cars, it is not easy ignoring the Technological Revolution. Today many people are taking the plunge and buying personal computers for their home. Packard Bell a ...

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The harms of physical punishment in our society today and describes the effects that it can leave on young children later in life.

a highly heated debate about the effectiveness. How effective is corporal punishment in our society today? Corporal Punishment is defined as "an act by a parent or other caretaker, which is intended t ... er on in life, which include, but are not limited to, aggression, anxiety, and alcohol and drug use.Today many people question the effectiveness of corporal punishment and whether or not to practice t ...

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The Religious Roots of the Festival of Halloween.

rs every year on October 31st. It is mostly celebrated in the United States and Britain and my talk today is associated with the British version of this holiday. Today many people see Halloween as a p ... elts are still evident in modern festivities as you can see from the old traditions still practiced today. October 31st today is a time for dressing up, eating sweets, scaring both ourselves and each ...

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History of chinese cinema.

Chinese cinemaThe history of film is an important one today. Many people in our society today may see film as simply a form of entertainment, but it is in ... weaf have plong since passed there are still traces of communism and the color red in Chinese film today. Many of the films that do not conform to the "red" theme are described as "yellow". An increa ... ased. This censorship can often mean major cuts in the film or not even being distributed at all.In today's times, censorship has not stopped China from being a major force in the international film i ...

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Symposium: Pros and Cons of Marijuana Legalization.

tten by Deroy Murdock, discusses the modern implications that have to do with marijuana. In society today, many people are looking for a feeling of freedom. With the new millennium dawning upon, so ar ... ndividually are modern ethical issues that have been increasingly being brought to light in society today. With this, it is almost evident that social change is soon to take place. Nonetheless, before ...

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Poor: dealing with the cycles and culture of poverty.

There is an old saying, "poverty will always be with us". Today many people get trapped in cycles of poverty. People trapped in these cycles often try to esca ...

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the International CommunityGlobalization has become one of the biggest issues in the economic world today. Many people believe globalization is an opportunity for the international community, while ma ...

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Parole Release Should parole release be abolished?

ole release be abolished? This is one of the most talked about topics in the criminal justice field today. Many people feel it is time to do away with parole, while others are fighting to keep it arou ...

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stitutional Amendments for its role in ending prolong suffering in cases where death is a certainty.Today, many people who are terminally ill continue living with the help of new medical technologies. ... of God (Smith 36).However, life is not in the hands of God anymore. Machines keep many people alive today. At a request of a patient, a doctor can switch off the respirator or other life- support mach ...

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This is an essay discussing whether or not AIDS testing should be mandatory.

AIDS, unfortunately is all too prevalent in our society today. Many people worry if they are at risk of being infected. With the proper precautions, the cha ...

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History of Hong Kong Cinema

ic ingredients in the last 20 years of films from Hong Kong.The history of film is an important one today. Many people in our society today may see film as simply a form of entertainment; however, it ... wife have long since passed, there are still traces of communism and the color red in Chinese film today. Many of the films that do not conform to the "red" theme are described as "yellow"(Jacobs, 19 ...

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UFO's and Aliens on Earth

ic. If you had mentioned one 50 years ago, the case would bethought about, but with much suspicion. Today, many people would believe you, and, if you had evidence to prove it, the government would tak ... les panic broadcast was designed as an elaborate hoax, Welles proves something that is just as true today as it was thirty years ago: few subjects are more intriguingly fascinating or as controversial ...

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Reality vs Reality TV

Today, many people have a problem distinguishing between reality and fictional fantasy. The severity ... es as to why these "favored children at networks" (Scott Collins) have risen to their popularity in today's media. To explore these reasons why people watch reality shows and what effects they have on ... le to leave his world and go back to their own reality? The same question arises for real audiences today. After enjoying the entertainment and humor of Newlyweds, the audiences must return back to th ...

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Prison Overcrowding

Prison overcrowding is one of the largest problems facing the American criminal justice system today. Many people may think this issue does not affect them, but the problem becomes important when ... l career" (Davis 134).Another reason, and probably one of the largest reasons, is the war on drugs. Today, more people locked up are there as a result of a drug related offense. With the initiation of ...

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McDonalds: Hamburgers or Service?

ition and consumers becoming more health conscious have forced them to continually update the menu. Today, many people live busy lives and place great importance on convenience when buying and paying ...

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