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a rite of passage. Roman soldiers pierced their nipples to show their manhood. Mayans pierced their tongues as a spiritual ritual, and both sexes of Victorian royalty chose nipple and genital piercing ...

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A minor response to the poem "Softest of Tongues" by Vladimir Nabokov

Minor response to "Softest of Tongues"Change is an inevitable part of our lives and sometimes accepting that change can be difficu ... ill come as a result of it. The speaker then finds closure by saying "just here we part, softest of tongues, my true one, all my own...". The "softest of tongues" represents the speaker's true feeling ... n to present man.Since it is human nature to change, poet Vladir Nabokov writes the poem Softest of Tongues to express the universal burden of accepting change and saying goodbye to the past. The poem ...

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Prayer in public schools

name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, and pierce our noses, tongues, and cheeks. They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible. To quote the good book makes me lia ...

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Analyse the first chapter of Chloe Hooper's 'A Child's True Book of Crime'.

desires. Kate makes coarse references to her surroundings, relating passing boulders to "Mouths and tongues, like pornographic things." Thomas begins to lose focus on the road ahead; "[his] driving de ...

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of imitating them. Other expressions vary across cultures. For example, the Chinese stick out their tongues to register surprise, in contrast to Americans and other Westerners, who raise their eyebrow ...

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Analysis of The Cool Web, by Robert Graves

too much fearWe grow sea-green at last and coldly dieIn brininess and volubility.But if we let our tongues lose self-possession,Throwing off language and its watery claspBefore our death, instead of ...

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Vietnam: People

ntral coast into the Mekong delta. They speak Vietnamese, which exhibits many similarities to other tongues spoken in the region but is sometimes considered a separate language group (see Southeast As ...

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NOTES on "Thistles" by Ted Hughes. A poem from the book "touched with fire" used in the cambridge course.

mphasized in the very first word ("Against") of this poem. They not only resist all animal ("rubber tongues of cows") and human ("hoeing hands of men") attempts to destroy them but even attack the nat ... n the first line of the poem by inverting the usual word order and using parallel structure (rubber tongues of cows/hoeing hands of men). He does it again in the last three lines by using anthropomorp ...

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American Indians: A Haiku Collection.

hen, smallpox blanketsFirewater is the scourge nowDamn you, BacardiYou had BuffaloBut we took their tongues and skinYou can have the restLosing the struggleThunder sticks could turn the tideWe only ha ...

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Critical appreciation of Ted Hughes' "Thistles" and his intentions on writing the poem.

description of the location of the trivial plant and it's physical appearance. "Against the rubber tongues of cows and the hoeing hands of men / Thistles spike the summer air / And crackle open under ...

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Singled Out: Is bilingual education helpful or harmful to the classroom?

nts that couldn't fully speak English and would spend most of class talking in their native Spanish tongues. While it wasn't much of a problem in the beginning, the time that piled up from the teacher ... boundaries formed from student-student interaction were augmented by teachers speaking in different tongues. Senora Lugo, my Espanol 3 teacher, was a native Puerto Rican and would constantly slip into ...

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The Call of a Bard!!

ainedTill in jest ye fingers curlAt the picture without a taintThis bard for ye stealsFrom the held tonguesA treasure to gorge to mealAn echo for ye ears to lungeA hush sh'ld seal lips of yo'rsTill th ...

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The Controversy Surrounding Euthanasia

the very idea of Pete's statement, and most could never imagine those words ever rolling from their tongues. But most fathers have never had the endure the "34-month funeral" that Pete Busalachhi has ...

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Women In The 20s

Her speed is great, but her control Is something else again All spotlights focus on her pranks All tongues her prowess herald For which she well may render thanks To god and Scott Fitzgerald Her gold ...

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Edgar Allen Poe

tongue, sour on the sides, bitter on the back, and salty around the front. These four taste on our tongues bind to chemicals in the food and relay information about it to our brain. Since we only hav ...

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d ears dating back to 2,000 BC, and many contemporary cultures preserve the piercing of ears, nose, tongues etc. as a rite of passage from childhood" (Monohan, Roger 1). People get pierced no matter w ...

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What is taste

rt I will argue the ambiguity of the question.What is taste? When we pass banana milkshake over our tongues, special receptors inform our brain that something in our mouth is sweet and tasty. What mak ...

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Imagine staying in the same statue position for days at

composing inner muscle and organs. Buildings and rooms spin, people's voices either ramble in alien tongues or screams. Hallucinations cause people to see or hear things that aren't really there. Thre ...

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The Ways of Men and Women

ng to much she says. Cruel punishment such as gagged and silenced by a cleft stick applied to their tongues. (pg9) Tannen also talks about how different men and women are different in friendships. Wom ...

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