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A Slice of life

the door asked if Gwen was home, 'Are you Gwen's newboyfriend' Tim asked him. 'Yes I am, my name is Tony' he replied. 'Nice tomeet you' Tim said. 'No, Gwen is not here right now. I think she is stillt ... t bar on 6th street' Tim replied.'Oh, well tell her that I came by and just to give me a call, OK?' Tony said.'One problem' Tim said. 'Oh, and what's that?' Tony replied. 'Didn't Gwentell you?' Tim sa ...

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It is a dialogue essay meant to show that you can make a dialogue essay.

ed person said."Who is this?" I said while I yawned. At first I thought that it was Robert."This is Tony. Who did you think it is your mamma?" he asked me in a sarcastic manner. I quietly crept into m ... . Do you think you might be able to stop by tonight?" he said with pride. I rolled my eyes, because Tony always does this to me. How did he get drinks, and what girls is he talking about?"I think that ...

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Prisoners of War - Chapter 30

fe, at least he couldn't find me in here, at least he couldn't do anything to me in here.*** *** ***Tony nodded to the front door guard as he left the club, a black limousine waiting. His worker from ... ck words with the guard."Frank?""Yes boss?""What's the news on the kids?""You mean Mike and Lance?" Tony nodded. "No news, Lance has stayed away and there hasn't been that many problems...Mike isn't w ...

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The review of 'Boy Gets Girl' a play questioning malle and female perceptions of one another.

subject which is men and women's views. The sarcastic comedy in the play is obvious. One comment by Tony was, "Yeah, who would go with a guy who drives a van?" Van was the operative word that was sarc ...

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The Worst Job In South Philly

ore jobs than I care to remember; but I can recall beyond any doubt the worst of them was my job at Tony's Pizza in South Philadelphia.First of all, my boss and managers were impossible to satisfy. I ... if for some other good reason I was unavailable to come into work.Another problem I had working for Tony's was the unbearable working conditions that existed at the shop. Because the ovens were always ...

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Billy Elliot

d to us. An establishing shot is presented to show the violence of the picket line. Billy's brother Tony is in the midst of the action yelling abuse at the police officer. This is achieved by a close- ... the midst of the action yelling abuse at the police officer. This is achieved by a close-up shot of Tony's facial expression on the screen. Here the growing tension is created as the mining world and ...

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Conflict - creative story

Tony could almost taste the heavenly iced cake, sitting high on its display shelf. The sweet aromas ... oy as he was, but a rich, royal and respected man, who could buy out the whole bakery if he wished. Tony was only brought back to reality when the baker came out from behind the stand, and made rude g ... her lips, but this sign instantly brought joy to his heart. It filled him with hope, and happiness. Tony turned to her and smiled back, but not without attracting the attention of her father, who unti ...

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West Side Story: Anita

he Jets, is dead also, when we got to know Anita. Anita was supposed to deliver a message to Tony at docs, from Maria, that she was being held up, but will be there later. So when Anita got the ... hadn¡¯t come and stop the Jets. So she lied and instead of saying that Maria would meet Tony later, she said that when Chino, the person Maria was supposed to be married found out about th ...

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Title: The Three-Dimensional Characters of The Robber Bride

four principle characters in The Robber Bride have been criticized as mere "types" by some critics: Tony as the intellectual, Charis the fuzzy-headed New Age mystic, Roz the lusty and flamboyant entre ... rmont whose point of view opens and closes the novel. A scholar specializing in military massacres, Tony has encountered considerable skepticism from both sides of the gender divide, with men hostile ...

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The Life of Tommy Tune

e chorus' of A Joyful Noise" in 1967 and How Now Dow Jones in 1968. He garnered raves and his first Tony (Best Featured Actor in a Musical) in Michael Bennett's Seesaw in 1973. Branching out, he direc ... exas was his next venture followed by A Day in the Hollywood/ A Night in the Ukraine and his second Tony (Best Choreography).Influential CollaboratorsHe played Ambrose Kemper in the movie version of H ...

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