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Explaining two different SOCIALIST views of the changes introduce to the Labour Party since Tony Blair became the leader in 1994

out the views of democratic socialism and social democracy on the changes in the Labour party after Tony Blair.Democratic SocialismDemocratic socialism is a broad political movement propagating the id ... tification for a change in direction and the adoption of social democratic values. By the time that Tony Blair was elected leader in 1994, democratic socialism had been marginalised.What have been cha ...

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Outline the case for and against the use of referenda.

be a member. In 1971, Heath, Wilson and Thorpe were against a referendum, but Labour party chairman Tony Benn pushed the idea forward. He argued that an election every five years meant 'temporary alli ... urprisingly those who were pro-market such as Roy Jenkins opposed the referendum, while anti-market Tony Benn was a supporter of the referendum. So one may deduct from this that referenda are often us ...

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istent negativity that causes distress or delays is a problem.Then look at the behavior itself. Use Benne and Sheats ' Group Roles to understand how it fits into the dynamics of your team, and note ho ...

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