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"The Great Gatsby"--theme statement--The peoples' ideology and idealistic values changed in the roaring twenties.

that his own life experience is similar with Gatsby and his wife is like Daisy, his wife is a “top girl” in the rich-class in 1920s (books and writers, 2002). However, there are a large numb ...

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Role of men in Top Girls (Caryl Churchill)

Lopez Maeva OIB3Essay: The role of men in Top GirlsCaryl Curchill is one of the rare English contemporary female writers. Top Girls is not her ... aracters [respectively, Clegg (Act I Scene 1) or Clive (Act I Scene 3)]. What is the role of men in Top Girls?First of all, we have to remark that men are completely absent as characters appearing on ... men", in itself, contains the word "men". The idea of men actually appears in the whole expression "Top Girls" because this term is undeniably linked with leaving people behind and being alone at the ...

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