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Why Did the Polls Get it Wrong in 1992 in Brittain?

and election, and, among other things, how their pre-election campaigns are run. Throughout the history of opinion polling, from the time when polling began to be widely used before an election, in 1 ... s were Conservative voters, who because of the 'shame factor' didn't like admitting that they voted Tory. Also, there could have been a prominence of Conservative voters who didn't want to divulge the ...

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This essay compares and contrast Benjamin Disraeli and William Gladstone.

arliment forfour times from 1832 to 1835. The first time in the radical party and the others in the toryparty. He tried to gain backup for his politic program, that is why he defended companyworkers.A ...

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Why does Gladstone decide to join the Liberal party (England) in 1859 and what does he have to contribute to Liberalism?

Gladstone's transition from Tory to Liberal was certainly not an erratic decision made overnight. His drift from the high Toryis ... t restraints on freedom and personal advancement.Reasons for Gladstone's remarkable transition from Tory to Liberal are debated. The role of Italy in his decision is sometimes overplayed and easily ar ... ralism explain his continued liberal and reformative beliefs, which somehow triggered his move from Tory to Liberal. The question is whether this move was inevitable? The continued historical debate s ...

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community care history and politics during the 50's/60's in the U.K.

so similar to Labour's previous one that the phrase 'Butskellism' was coined after R.A. Butler the Tory chancellor and Hugh Gateskell the chancellor under Labour.Moderates succeeded Churchill as Prim ...

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Reflection Questions about the novel "My Brother Sam is Dead"

nt to be restrained. I can also know that the war made people can't do certain things like buying a Tory newspaper.Chapter 4Tim said,"...anybody who joined the army to fight couldn't be a coward." Do ... Tories?I think that's because Tom Warrups was an Indian, and he wasn't ineither Patriot side or the Tory side.b.What is your opinion of people who take both sides of a dispute?My opinion of people who ...

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How could the Walpolean oligarchy be at once exclusive and stable?

s record term of office, created the most clearly defined period of oligarchical rule in British history. The 'Whig oligarchy' created a powerful and potentially dangerous division in the country, as ... of Tories extended beyond the centre of power to social institutions as well. Economically powerful Tory landowners were embittered by the Whig dominance of local and central duties which their rank a ...

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How Successful were English PM Sir 'Robert Peel's policies towards Ireland between 1841-46?

Cameron SeymourHISTORY."How successful were Peel's policies towards Ireland between 1841-6?"Success, I this context, c ... and between 1841-6?"Success, I this context, can be considered as:- Making the other members of the Tory party content,- Making the Public of Ireland content,In more still more detail, success can be ... ion' in 1841. It's main objective between 1841-6 was to repeal the Act of Union, but Peel - being a Tory (and thus against change) - threats to use 'governmental force' to uphold the act. This makes t ...

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"Peel's major achievements in domestic affairs were in social rather than economic policy"

y. The Mines Act must please them. In order to do this, he must act in a traditional conservative / Tory manner. This meant favoring the preservation of established customs, opposing innovation, tendi ... this could easily be considered an achievement. Another of Peel's social reforms was that of the Factory act 1844, which lowered the age children could be employed in textile factories but also reduce ...

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What Explains Gladstone's Development from Tory to Peelite to Liberal?

one's political career as one dominated by contradictions. Gladstone started out as a high Anglican Tory and a strong opponent of reform. During the Tory party split, Gladstone followed Peel to become ... turning to politics. According to Biagini, it was his father who encouraged Gladstone to stand as a Tory candidate, although many of his beliefs at the time matched the Tory's policies. Through the in ...

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What do the premierships of John Major and Tony Blair reveal about Prime Ministerial power?

opulation on both social and economic issues. Voting trends amongst the electorate during recent history has largely remained the same with individuals from certain social groups tending to vote with ... common, with the proportion of swing voters growing massively, a fact confirmed by the landslide victory of New Labour in both 1997 and 2002 as upon both these occasions large proportions of former Co ...

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Captain Tory - a short story about how Captain Tory learned to take heed of others, no matter how unreliable they may seem

“Captain Tory! There be a man on the docks wanting your attention. He got a boy hostage!” Wiley Baxter u ... e docks wanting your attention. He got a boy hostage!” Wiley Baxter urgently informed. Captain Tory sighed in annoyance and glanced at the docks. He observed a bearded man holding a lantern in hi ... left hand. Flickering lights appeared near the two.“How do you know what he wants?” asked Tory, “I just see a man and a boy.” Wiley Baxter’s face cringed in frustrating confus ...

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Did Peel's Statesmanship Prevent Him From Being A Good Politician?

him from being a good politician? Courtesy of Sir Robert Peel was not the archetypal Tory landowner, but rather the first middle-class man to make any impact in politics, and so heralde ... hile it is difficult to argue that he never followed policies that were harmful to many traditional Tory supporters, and led to resentment among his back benches - he broke the party twice, in 1829 an ...

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Computer History

HIS'TORY WITH COMPUTERS My knowledge of computers was, at one time, very great. I attended many computer ...

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coincidence (or rather, accumulation to the point of) the Whig ascension and the fracturing of the Tory hegemony. The death of Liverpool and the unpopularity of Wellington split the Tories into vario ... palpable reality.Biography:Parliamentary Reform, c. 1770 - 1918 - Eric J EvansSuccess in British History 1760 - 1914 - Peter LaneGovernment and Reform 1815 - 1918, Robert Pearce and Roger Stearn

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Unions in the 1970¡¦s under the thatcherite ¡§dictatorship¡¨. The Tory¡¦s used the Trade Unions as scapegoats in relation to the economic problems of the ... mples of media influence was in the 1992 general election. The majority of newspapers supported the Tory¡¦s in the election, but it was the Sun who backed the Tory¡¦s for the ...

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Placing Greco-Roman History in World Historical Context

PLACING GRECO-ROMAN HIЅTORY IN WORLD HIЅTORICAL CONTEXTAbѕtractIncreaѕed influence of world hiѕtori ... 1109;torical modelѕ for periodization, ѕtate content ѕtandardѕ for hiѕtory, and aѕѕeѕѕment inѕtrumentѕ ѕuch aѕ the AP and ... reco-Roman hiѕtorianѕ muѕt become more involved in the pedagogy of world hiѕtory and in the production of ѕcholarѕhip to inform that teaching. Thiѕ article in ...

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Christianity and the Cubiculum : Spiritual Politics and Domestic Space in Late Antique Rome

UE ROMEIntroductionThiѕ eѕѕay exploreѕ the conceptual and material hiѕtory of a ѕingle domeѕtic ѕpace, the cubiculum, and itѕ importance for the c ... er public, eccleѕiaѕtical ѕpaceѕ and figureѕ in the emerging hiѕtory of Rome'ѕ Chriѕtianization. [End Page 171]It can be ѕaid with ѕome qual ...

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Erik Zürcher

at Zürcher raiѕed waѕ how hiѕ reѕearch field changed from the hiѕtory of early Chineѕe Buddhiѕm to the hiѕtory of the early Chriѕtian min ... "when eaѕt meetѕ weѕt": "My reѕearch haѕ mainly been on the hiѕtory of the relationѕhip between China and the outѕide world, not juѕt between Chi ...

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Those who have no knowledge of the past are condemned to repeat it. Is a knowledge of history important?

Those who have no knowledge of the past are condemned to repeat it. Is a knowledge of history important?This is an old belief that if we do not know history, we will not learn from it and w ... will not learn from it and will repeat it. For this reason, it has been promoted that a study of history is all important. My opinion is that a knowledge of his​tory is not at all as important a ... t a knowledge of his​tory is not at all as important as it is made out to be and, in fact, history stores a lot of pain that we can well do without. In many aspects, a knowledge of history actua ...

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