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Australian history.

'World War 2 was the first total war... In Australia, the government took control of ordinary peoples lives' by introducing con ... ey deprived Australians at home food and soldiers at war ammunition and rations. The term meant by 'Total War' is that not just the people involved in the actual fighting help contribute to the war ef ... peoples lives were controlled by the government and that Australia was truly involved in it's first Total War.

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WW1 notes based on yr12 N.S.W syllabus.

unreliability of rail etc. Hence, many soldiers starved, horseflesh was eaten.Disease and Injury*In total 9,500,000 died due to disease and injury. This was triggered by malnutrition, cold climate, la ... eys and joints*21 million people were wounded*Constipation from poor diet*Lack of medical assistanceTotal War: a nation's entire social, political and economic structures should be devoted to the war ...

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Social, Economical, and Political Effects of World War I.

arleft no aspect of European civilization untouched as pre-wargovernments were transformed to fight total war. The war metamorphedEurope socially, politicaly, economically, and intellectualy.European ... oliticaly, economically, and intellectualy.European countries channeled all of their resources into totalwar which resulted in enormous social change. The result of workingtogether for a common goal s ...

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A general introduction to the WW1, dealing with- a) Why this conflict was going to be different? b) Why was there a need for a Home Front? c) What was "Total War"?

er size of the war itself and makes the need for the home front much more necessary to complete the total war theory.Recognised initially as the 'Peoples War', this scheme developed in the late 1800's ... of an increasing perception of public character. Halfway through World War One, it became known as 'Total War' - the organisation and mobilisation of whole civilisations and all of their resources for ...

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that had to be replaced if the forces were going to be well supplied. The 1st World War was almost 'Total War' and so many businesses converted to supplying troops in Europe. These businesses needed w ... gher percentage of men had gained the vote through their courage on the battlefield or high seas. A total of 25,000 women worked at the front in the war. 8,000 of which worked in the VAD, (Voluntary A ...

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Was the First World War a 'Total war' for Britain?

Total War is the total engagement of a nation's economic, social, cultural, and political capital in ... omen and every side of life had to relate to the campaign. In my opinion the First World War was a 'Total War' for Britain. It cost them millions of pounds, a great amount of lives were lost and waste ... ce' s seemed to be more willing and the country had changed a lot socially.The war was definitely a total war, it affected social, economic and cultural traditions and the country changed rapidly. It ...

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What is total war? discuss with reference to world war one and world war two

What is "Total War"? Discuss with reference to World War One and World War Two.First of all, what is "Total W ... of all, what is "Total War"? What do we mean by it and what answer do we expect from this question? Total War is the war that affects all of society- not just armed forces, and that uses all the resou ... ation of the whole society and its resources for the war effort."In most of the countries the first Total War was the First World War. World War One started a completely new generation of wars. Before ...

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Creation vs Evolution

e 1914! In that year World War I began. Never in history had there been such a terrible war. It was total war. World War I was much greater than all the major wars fought during the 2,400 years before ... jor earthquakes than in any other like period in recorded history. In 63 years from 1915 to 1978, a total of some 1,600,000 persons died in 43 great earthquakes. "Increasing of lawlessness."-Matthew 2 ...

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MacArthur Should Have Been Fired

nd M production 50 min General MacArthurs Biography video cassette) Truman believed that starting a total war with Korea would bring in China and then the Soviet Union. (Patterson, Amy and Schamel, Wy ...

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Czechoslovakia in WWI

ended (Seton-Watson, 284). The outbreak of the war had mixed reactions among the Czechs because the total war was not known. The only Czechs affected early in the war were the young subjected to mobil ...

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"World War One liberates women"

ict that lasted four years (1914- 1918) and involved all major powers at the time. It was the first total war ever which means it affected all sections of the society, not only the soldiers fighting o ...

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The Origins and Causes Of the World's First Total War

Aguiar � PAGE �5� World War I:The Origins and CausesOf the World's First Total WarAdriana AguiarHSRU1000Professor FilipponeApril 20, 2008Although there have been many wars f ... ught throughout history, conquered regions and fallen empires, before the 19th century there was no total war. What is meant by total war is not that it was the entire world fighting each other simult ...

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World War I: The War to End All Wars

d to be one of the most violent and destructive wars in European history. World War I was the first total war. The countries involved mobilized their entire populations and economic resources to ensur ...

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World War one and its impacts in the homefront

WORLD WAR ONE: The Home Front�Total war and its social and economic impact on civilians in Britain and GermanySource IPart ADate: ... stry of Food to the British public to promote food rationing. This source illustrates the impact of total war in Britain, this poster shows that war not only had created social problems but also signi ... shows that was happening at the frontline was affecting the home front, it symbolises the idea of "total war". It also reveals the impact that the U-Boat campaign in 1917 brought.. This poster tells ...

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