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Forensic crime scene investigations.

rks.Forensic Biology includes blood, semen, body fluids, hair, nail scrapings, blood stain patterns,Trace Evidence includes gun shot residues, arson accelerant, paint, glass and fibers.Firearms includ ...

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This essay is on forensic science and all that it compiles in direct relation to biology.

witness to every crime. It is impossible for a criminal to act without leaving behind some sort of trace evidence, even if it is so minute that the most modern technology is necessary in order to fin ... scene investigators is to shine a flashlight at an angle towards the ground in order to help reveal trace evidence such as footprints, fingerprints, stains, drag marks, glass shards, and anything else ...

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Death Investigation Laws in Texas Note: This information was REALLY hard to find, I hope it's useful!

, face shield, etc.28. Evidence seal (use with body bags/locks).29. Pocketknife.30. Shoe-covers.31. Trace evidence kit (tape, etc.).32. Waterless hand wash.33. Thermometer.34. Crime scene tape.35. Fir ... ody temperature. D. Check body, clothing, and scene for consistency/inconsistency of trace evidence and indicate location where artifacts are found. E. Check for drag mar ...

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Chimera: A DNA Mystery

o many subdivisions which include but are not limited to:criminalistics (ballistics, biological and trace evidence, and fingerprints), anthropologyidentification of skeletonized (human remains), biolo ...

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