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A transsexual is defined as a person whose sex is uncertain or who considers himself or herself as bel ... be carried to the point of undergoing surgery to modify the sex organs to mimic the opposite sex. A transsexual usually believes that he or she is the result of a biological accident.Transexualism may ... the result of a biological accident.Transexualism may occur in a male or a female. The majority of transsexuals are males. The conditions and symptoms for the male may begin as early as childhood, ab ...

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Gender Identity Disorder

er. Now this makes no sense to me so in my terms gender issues have to deal with same sex partners, transsexuals, and people who want a sex change. This book can say what ever it wants to but the auth ... what this text says about this subject. This in my opinion is not a condition it is a way of life. Transsexuals like who they are but want to try to be another sex which is nothing wrong with that. T ...

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Three Concepts of Social psychology

assistant for a Professor in the Nursing Department, and my job is to put together a survey for the transgender community to evaluate their health concerns and needs. On this survey I ask "What do you ... ther a survey particularly for this population, and by joint effort on both parties, myself and the transgender community, we have found this population already has broken the mold from the traditiona ...

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Cultural Myths

Connection: Critical Thinking and TransgenderThey say, "You can take a boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of t ... n impenetrable class boundary: from unattractive to beautiful, from fat to thin, and in the case of transsexuals, from male to female, or from female to male" (394). Even though Serano has crossed the ... liographyColombo, Gary. "Thinking Critically." n.d.Serano, Julia. "Before and After: Class and Body Transformations." n.d. ��

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