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Truth, freedom, love, clear perception, purity, transcendence, and enlightment. It all attains the ultimate happiness

end of struggle. Fully knowing the truth is to be enlightened. Fully realizing the truth is having transcended the distortions of the Machine (see The Machine at my web site given below). Truth means ...

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30 Years War

the corrupt Roman Catholic Church should be run. Although the war began as a holy war it eventually transcended into a political struggle. The war is divided into four different time periods and geogr ...

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Political Philosophers

ised in his famous sentence: My country is theworld, and my religion is to do good. As his religion transcended the formal professions of any cultor sect, he refused to accept the creed of any church. ...

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Dorthy Parker's life and writings.

rcastic and not appreciated by many critics and readers at the time. Dorothy Parker's writings have transcended the test of time to prove useful for all generations.Dorothy Parker was born on August 2 ...

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Gothic Architecture Key Contribution from the Middle Ages

d on the influence Gothic Style had on the people and culture during the Middle Ages and how it has transcended to Modern times.Brief History and Elements of Gothic StyleGothic architecture made its d ...

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This essay is about clutter, and how it play into the scheme of our everyday life - for better or for worse.

ter on in life. Therefore the one and only parent tothank for the clutter is depression. Clutter hastranscended throughout generations, breaking all barriers,and infecting all of those around.Clutter ...

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Greece; The Pros and Cons of Democracy Therein

e of demokratia; or as we regard it, democracy. A system for and by the people, democracy has since transcended its early Athenian practice to become the most predominant political system in the world ...

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William Byrd II- The Typical Virginian Gentleman- Q: How did William Byrd II embody the mindset and traditions of an early Virginian Gentleman?

the center of this swirling mist of labels and preconceptions was a man named William Byrd II. Byrd transcended the simple title of Noble and became the Virginian gentlemen. He was the embodiment of a ...

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Child Abuse in the region

IntroductionThe abuse and neglect of children has transcended through generations and across race, class and ethnicity. Historical evidence shows that ...

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Argumentative paper: Why there should be NO ban on gay marriage

y measures. Homosexuals, on the other hand, are being denied one of the most basic rights that have transcended from generation to generation, culture to culture: the right to marry. Robee VanNorman, ...

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A history of Pink Floyd from their birth untill 1995.

One of the most popular bands in the history of rock music, England's Pink Floyd transcended its beginnings as a psychedelic R&B cover group to become a highly inventive, techni ...

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Traveling to the Moon and Elevating the World

On July 20th, 1969, mankind transcended the boundaries of the earth and the comfort of the domestic and went "boldly where no ma ... ernment was admired for its command of technology and innovation. Moreover, the landing on the moon transcended all other political tragedies of its time. At the time of the landing, there were severa ...

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Zora Neale Hurston's quest for happiness outside the realm of financial success in "Their Eyes Were Watching God"Happiness

e and her people in a way that spoke volumes about how black cultures unique. This style of writing transcended the precedent set by other writers of her time. Hurston develops character relationships ...

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Michael Jordan

n to play professional football, he was not denied anything because of his race, but Michael Jordan transcended the question of race as a business man and as a person. He proved to everyone that if yo ...

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Orestes in Modern Drama: "Mourning Becomes Electra"

t he was trying to do. He struggled to create a new dramatic form for the American stage, one which transcended melodrama and achieved tragedy.Although he has been a subject of controversy and many cr ...

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The human condition- film, poetry and novel analysis

m Shine, we are made aware of the ever present limitations in a person’s life and how they are transcended through time in every experience in our lives. Throughout the duration of the film, we s ... we can see that the cycle has been completed and that the man has achieved freedom in death- he has transcended all barriers. The poem allows the reader to understand that in reaching the very end of ...

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Analysis of Albert Bierstadt's "The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak"

The mountains of endless boundaries transcended the earth to the heavens as the water and sun created its tangibility. Dispositions of l ... Native Americans became a lighter tone as it reached the lake. It was advanced further as the color transcended across the white line of the lake into an even lighter tone of the two colors and an int ...

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How Gandhi Embodies And Transcends India

d Gandhi. He gained his fame through the embodiment and transcendence of India .Gandhi embodied and transcended India by using passive resistance, practicing human rights, and setting examples for oth ... not animals. They wanted to be seen as a race of respectable being like the British. This idea was transcended and embodied by Gandhi fighting for rights the non-violent way and forcing people to dis ...

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ctivity of "one night stands" Rock has evolved greatly since its days of "blues" it has transcended through eras of "Beatles " to the "Elvis". Rock has survived its punk era in ...

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