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AP Bio pGLO Transformation Formal Lab Report

Abstract:The topic of this research involved the occurrence of genetic transformation in bacteria (E. Coli). More specifically, a previously prepared pGLO plasmid--which c ... d our hypothesis. We can thus conclude that bacteria can take in foreign DNA through the process of transformation and that this foreign DNA can fundamentally change the bacteria (ex: making it glow). ... isms, making the bacteria take on various phenotypic characteristics.Background Information:Genetic transformation is one of the most important processes in biotechnology. Essentially, genetic transfo ...

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bacterial recombination

óticos recombination mechanisms. For bacteria, there are three mechanisms for recombination: transformation, conjugation, and transduction. The existence of these mechanisms allows the construc ... o types of multiplication cycle: a virulent or lytic and lysogenic or other non-virulent. Bacterial Transformation The first demonstration of genetic exchange in bacteria was performed by Fred Griffit ...

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