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The feelings of falling in love

ction without total dependence on their mate.There are three main aspects of love. According to the triangular theory of love, these three components include intimacy, passion, and decision/commitment ...

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Romantic Love, displayed and dipicted in the movie "When Harry Met Sally." Also has discriptions of consummate love.

ow much they chose to blind themselves toward what they felt for each other. This was the beginning of a romantic love and they progressed into this category further every time they met and with each ... heading.Intimacy is sometimes the first step in a relationship where the two people develop a bond of sorts, a respect it could be called where the two learn to hold each other in higher value and ma ...

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Essay discusses love and the characteristics involved and how they affect men and women differently.

just as men do, as an expression of love over cuddling and holding (L'Abate).Steinberge developed a triangular Theory of Love, which is the conceptualization of love relationships that include three b ... at you love and want to be with the other person plus the promise to maintain the relationship. The triangular love theory is necessary for a healthy relationship. However physical affection is define ...

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Factors influencing attraction and issues that are associated with personal relationships

ittle of what his ex-girlfriend and he were experiencing while being with each other.In Sternberg's theory of love, love has three components that influence its type, its possible endurance and its po ...

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In the past with my relationships I have been involved in many types of love, I will explain two of them. I have experienced Romantic Love with girls in the past one for ... oals in life and were going down different paths so therefore this relationship ended after 3 years of romantic love. This relationship created harmony at first because I really thought I loved this p ... ght I loved this person and wanted to be with them forever, but I came to realize maybe it was more of an Infatuated Love since I was so young. I have also experienced Fatuous Love with a close female ...

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Chemistry of Love

out of the eight, one of them results in non love. Sternberg wrote the following in relation to his triangular theory of love. In the triangular theory of love, love consists of intimacy, passion, and ... the changes in the scale of felt love over the span of relationships between couples. Based on the triangular theory the three components were measured over the stages of the romantic relationship (c ...

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black like me

Ashley NicolaiHUMS 105Sternberg Theory of Love Reading Sternberg theory about love is very interesting. I feel though as every love ... ped put a complete understanding into his theories of love. I would have to agree with the triangle theory of love. I think that it is very important to have intimacy, passion, and decision/commitment ... other and the values that each partner has to bring to one another. Over all I may not have a clear theory on what love truly means, but I am still seeking what all the aspects of what love truly is a ...

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Power of love and relationships

ove and care for one another, they just do not have the desire for one another.Based on Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love romantic love is when the romantic lovers are bonded emotionally and physi ... d intimacy. Retrieved on April 28, 2014 from (n. d.). Triangular theory of love. Retrieved on April 28, 2014 from http://www.hofstra.eduLaws of Attraction ...

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