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The Business Life of Ancient Athens

ially and commercially within time, and this was also a problem: overpopulation. Also, many Spartan tribes over and over attacked Greece and destroyed any crops that might grow in the soil. Peasants w ...

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Kalapalo Indians of Central Brazil.

e it possible for the Kalapalo's culture to be undisturbed by the outside world and the surrounding tribes. Much of Kalapalo life is run through a central concept or an ideal of behavior, called ifuti ... nnection which structures many areas of social tribal life. From political alliances formed between tribes, to access of certain resources, to a status role in tribal groups, and even as important as ...

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Significance of Ritual in North American Indian Religion

d to be mono-cultural, there are a few rituals that frequently appear in many different regions and tribes across North America. Two of these widespread rituals are the ritual of the 'sacred pipe,' an ... is seen as a holy object and is treated with much respect. This type of ceremonial pipe was used by tribes ranging from the Rocky Mountain range to the Atlantic, and from the Gulf of Mexico to James B ...

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Hutus' and Tutsis' of Rwanda

The culture of the Hutu and Tutsi tribes of Rwanda, Africa interests me for many reasons. One reason is that they are so diverse from ... he whole continent of Africa.The first topic that I will cover is about the people that make up the tribes of the Hutu and Tutsi. The total population of the country of Rwanda, where most of their eve ... le along the Nile, while the Hutus have a Buntu history. As you can see the people that make up the tribes of the Hutus and the Tutsis are a very diverse group of people.The way of life for the Hutu a ...

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Cherokee, on native Americans

ed with the Cherokee Indian nation. The Cherokee's were by far the largest and most advanced of the tribes when Europeans first arrived and came in contact with Native Americans. There are too many tr ... ing to focus on the Cherokee's since many of their ways and customs are so similar to all the other tribes in the East.When Europeans first arrived in North America, the Cherokees occupied a large exp ...

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Review of John G. Neihardt's "Black Elks speaks"

's words would explain much about the na-ture of wisdom as well as the lives of the Sioux and other tribes of that period.The priest or holy man calling himself Black Elk was born in the December of18 ... o the Sioux territory seeking land and gold. Much of thenarrative in Black Elk Speaks describes the tribesmen's actions and fears concerningthe encroachment onto their lands. This underlying dread of ...

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World Demographic Development (and Food Supply)

) was a change in the way of life of our ancestors. Ittook place about 8000 years ago among various tribes in Asia and the Middle East. It included a transitionfrom foraging and hunting to the domesti ... ng and hunting to the domestication of animals (most probably starting with the dog) and tofarming. Tribes settled in fertile areas and formed agricultural communities many of which grew into villages ...

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Indians. Crafts and recreation.

king overrode the tedium.The making of ceramics was most highly developed by the Mississippi Valley tribes. The Pueblo Indians used pottery to carry water. Due to the long distance they would travel, ... yed the quills and beads to make them more attractive and beautiful. The Great Lakes and the Plains tribes did especially fine bead work.Some sports indian women played were fun while others were comp ...

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The origin of The Olympic Games.

honor of the Greek gods, Thanksgiving or of a living person . The religious festivals held by Greek tribes or cities were celebrated about every four years. The Olympian Games are known to have evolve ...

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Seneca Indian tribe

e Seneca are culturally similar to their Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, an Mohawk confederates. The five tribes were known as the Five Nations or the League of Five Nations. Sometime between 1715 and 1722 ... Nations. The other members were Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk, and Tuscarora. The date that the tribes formed is unknown although it is believed to be in the early 16th century. According the Iroq ...

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North Korea, a land and its people

country.Early GovernmentBefore 313 A.D., the area which is now North Korea was inhabited by Chinese tribes. One city in the area, Lolang, was a great center of Chinese culture including commerce, indu ... e Chinese inhabited the area from a very early date.ImmigrationAs was discussed previously, Chinese tribes inhabited the area for centuries. Thousands of people fled to the south during the last days ...

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ua New Guinea called Kuru ( or "laughing death") which striked only the cannibals in the Highlander tribes. Investigation led to the discovery of prions inside the of the victims brains that were eate ... nvestigation led to the discovery of prions inside the of the victims brains that were eaten by the tribesmen that when they died, as a sign of respect their brains where eaten and the chain went on a ...

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Explains Giuseppe Garibaldi's whole life. How he created the Thousand men army and how he expanded

icilies was made up of the southern half of the Italian Peninsula and the island of Sicily. Bourbon tribes tried to conqueror this kingdom, but unfortunately it was not an easy target. This kingdom st ...

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This is an essay about PROPOSITION 5 Gambling on the Indian reservations

the ballet in 1998 because it sought to attain approval for operation of casinos. It basically was tribes against casino interest. The Indians wanted people to vote yes on prop 5 so they could contin ... the state and some local officials said they were not expectable under the state law.Not all of the tribes wanted to do what the state said but they wanted to keep there system of gambling the way it ...

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Philosophies of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois.

e American government saw little success in luring Native Americans to reservations peaceably. Many tribes reacted with aggression towards the government for the numerous attempts at converting their ... ways of living. As a result of the growing animosity, the Plains Wars begun in 1864 due to several tribes refusing to give up their land.The congressional commission believed that the future of Ameri ...

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Is totemism a religion? An analysis of Emile Durkheim's view of totemism in 'The Elementary Forms of Religion'

le. From Durkheim's perspective, the basis of totemism is to create lasting societal bonds. Totemic tribes are assorted into clans whose unity results not from kinship, but from the religious relation ... most prominent example that will be used to describe totemism, will be from the various Australian tribes described by Durkheim. The critical belief in Australian totemism, is the notion that the tot ...

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"The Bah'a'i Faith" I choose the faith for a research paper, which is most popular in the middle east. sources included

o factions or sects, and has members that are from hundreds of different countries, territories and tribes (The Bah'a`i Newsreel).Bah'a'is are incredibly diverse and believe that they represent a cros ... trong promoter of unity and peace for all people. Hundreds of different countries, territories, and tribes are practicing the faith. "Mayans, Dutch, Polls, Mexicans, Greenlanders, Apaches, South Afric ...

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Title: The Incas: Civilization of the New World Desc: A formal report about many aspects of the Incan culture. Such as: diet, architecture, government, and religion.

alled himself the son of the sun. When he was alive the Inca were still a very small tribe. All the tribes in the area were constantly making alliances to survive, but these only lasted a short time d ... ocha and stayed to fight the oncoming Chancas. Yupanqui quickly allied with some of the surrounding tribes including the Canas, and the Canchis to help fight off the invading force. Even with their al ...

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A comparative between the "The Lone Ranger" and "Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven", by Sherman Alexie and Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko.

fWhen the world was created and the first man and first woman walked the world alone, there were no tribes. From them selves they created the People, and being all brothers and sisters from the same p ... remony To the characters in both Ceremony and The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven, their tribes are no longer reliable, they must find the strength to exist within themselves. But they are ...

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The Trail of Tears: An Account of the Cherokee Journey

"My original convictions ... that those tribes can not exist surrounded by our settlements and in continual contact with our citizens is cer ...

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