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Sex in Anthropology

roduced. This was in turn reflected through the way that societies were depicted and influenced.The Trobriand Islanders are a society in Papaua New Giuenia. They are composed of about, twelve thousand ... ty in Papaua New Giuenia. They are composed of about, twelve thousand people in sixty villages. The Trobrianders have been penetrated by outside influences for centuries and have remained considerably ...

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Social intergration via Kinship

nd that two main events that utilized kinship for social integrating were death and marriage.In the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea, in the northern Kiriwina Island, is where the Trobrianders, s ... hern Kiriwina Island, is where the Trobrianders, studied by Anette Wiener(1988), live. Death in the Trobrianders is a momentous event full of mourning and economical organization. The death of someone ...

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The Kula

had to prove that her research was as valid as his was. She believed that a very important part of Trobriander society was a trade between men known as the Kula trade. Weiner believed that these men ... ne can now see how a man could be in the Kula for the money, and not just out of custom. The Trobriander men used this sort of trade to bind themselves into a supportive unit. This Kula trade w ...

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Trobrianders: More than Just a Dioscorea

Much like our very own culture, the Trobrianders have a complex political system, a tangible currency, and a thriving economy. The Trobr ... h ours is connected in much less of a literal since. All of the political and economic power in the Trobriander culture is held by the persons that have an abundance of one thing. The Trobrianders do ... ir quest for political prowess. With the right political mindset, the only thing a man needs in the Trobriand culture to succeed is Yams.The yam is the very object that can give a man political and ec ...

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Bronislaw Malinowski

ropology. His first great breakthrough was in his studies of Pacific Islanders, particularly of the Trobriand Islanders. He focused on the marriage, trade, and religious customs of the Trobriand peopl ... ies in New Guinea and Australia. It was during this time where he began his acclaimed work with the Trobriand Islanders.Malinowski reinvented the traditional method and procedures of fieldwork yieldin ...

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Globalization and Law in Everyday Life

ped" societies. Drawing inspiration from Malinowski's study of customary law among villagers in the Trobriand Islands, Macaulay's interview-based research suggested that Wisconsin businessmen tended t ...

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Understanding reciprocity

with your fellow band members. Reciprocity is a practice which is central to the sustainment of the Trobriand islanders. Bohannon (1963: 237) writes, " The Kula is an extremely important mechanism of ... d based groups in order to maintain communication and social organization.The as institution of the Trobriand Islanders involves members of the inland village bringing quantities of yams to their part ...

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