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The Minstrel

ferent names for minstrels. In Germany, they were calledminnesingers. In France, they were known as troubadours and joungleurs. The Scandinavianminstrels were called skalds. The Irish called their min ... instrel. Each, while similar intheir general role of entertainer, they were different in many ways. Troubadour's, Frenchminstrels, flourished in from the 11th century through the 13th century. Troubad ...

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Eleanor of Aquitaine

aine. (Internet #1)As she grew up, Eleanor received a good education. Her father was a major fan of troubadours, for his father had been the first known troubadour in history. William X taught Eleanor ...

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Guns 'n Roses Biography 1985 - 1993

They possessed an old barn in West Hollywood called the Hell-House. Their first concert was in the troubadour Club and went really bad. They started as opening-act en slowly began to rise as real act ...

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Effects of Courtly Love on Medieval Women

essay for my Women's History in Medieval Europe sophomore-level course. It discusses the effect of troubadours and courtly love practices on women of the High Middle Ages. Women were both empowered b ... to be wooed by lovers put themselves in a vulnerable position, but that is only half of the story. Troubadour love poetry and the practice of courtly love empowered women to a certain extent. The poe ...

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The lives and works of the troubadours, trobaritz, and trouvers

What were the troubadours, trobaritz, and trouvers and what were their lives like? This paper will offer a brief o ... obaritz, and trouvers and what were their lives like? This paper will offer a brief overview on the troubadours, trobaritz, and trouvers as well as give an introduction to each one, and explain the di ... explain the difference between them. Lastly, it will describe how they lived during the Middle Ages.Troubadours were noble poet-musicians from Southern France (Provence) who flourished from the end of ...

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Courtly Love

Courtly Love is the set of ideas and rules about love. Troubadour poets promoted the idea that the true love only exists outside marriage. The Courtly Love ...

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Celebrity obsession

a movie that earns the ultra-bucks, or, in Jackson's case, achieves legendary status as a high-tech troubadour, and that person naturally assumes he is a philosopher king. Fans quickly toot the cornet ...

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Why I Love TV, Not Movies

y" or "originality" and used the language of the so-called "art".In real art, for example the Opera Troubadour by Verdi, they say the plot should not dominate over the artistic elements. Even a person ...

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to Europe, and was in the process not so much of falling out of love with the American self-styled troubadour or of falling in love with the young British poet Richard Aldington as she was coming to ...

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Vernacular Language

s still customary to some social classes, but the vernacular was widening. Poetry by trobairitz and troubadour had started being written in the vernacular. Having literature and poetry in a vernacular ...

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Troubadours and Trouveres

9-19-11 Troubadours, Trouvères, and MinnesingersTroubadours were poet songwriters in southern France. ... e. The word troubadour simply means to find, invent, or to create. The primary language amongst the troubadours was Occitan, which eventually spread to the trouvères in northern France (Burkhol ... out France. Some were nobles; others came from families of merchants or craftsman. The music of the troubadours and trouvères began one of the biggest foundations of all Western poetry. The tro ...

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