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Why the communists won the Chinese Civil War.

g five years of bloody civil war against Chiang Kaishek's nationalist government the Kuomintang. In trying to understand why the Communists were victorious over a more than considerable opponent it is ...

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This is a paper on the basics of human memory, specifically on the effectiveness of maintenance and elaborative rehearsals.

emember in the long term, to some extent, cannot be understood. However, experiments have been done trying to understand how our short-term memory works. Although the works of the short-term memory ma ...

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This is an essay about "12 Angry Men", by Reginald Rose. It describes juror 6 and the cons of the Jury System.

low man, one who finds it difficult to create a positive opinion, and is often listening and slowly trying to understand the opinions of others, rather then forming his own. In the text of the play, w ...

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Describe and Evaluate Using Psychological Research the Contribution of Behaviourist Approaches to an Understanding of Human Behaviour.

There have been many different approaches and varying different opinions on research done in trying to understand human behaviour. Behaviourists believe in the significance of environmental sti ...

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Truth from Plaro and the Nietzsche's perspectives.

.But it is not always so easy to grasp the truth,contradictions and questions arise on further,when trying to understand the meaning of truth, whether people really know the truth and how we can reach ...

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What is Right and Wrong?

how morality is viewed and accepted. He categorizes these as "An Analysis of Relativism" (14). When trying to understand the ribbon of morality, you must begin with the threads of diversity woven toge ...

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Life as a teenager.

ger. I regret what I've done, and regret what I haven't done. This is the time in my life when I am trying to figure out who I really am, why I am here, and trying to understand what the world is like ... . By the time I was thirteen I was already a seasoned alcoholic. Nobody made me start, and I wasn't trying to fit in. I was curious. I wanted to be happy and feel older than I really was. I partied wi ...

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Understanding Difference.

lar culture. In the end some people do get a good understanding about another culture that they are trying to understand while some don't. So what is the best way to get to know another culture? Is it ... erences. In his novel, A Passage to India, E.M.Forster introduces us to several characters that are trying to understand a different culture in many different ways. In understanding cultural differenc ...

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Writing With Style- Vonnegut Talks about he writing styles of Shakespeare, Picasso, and James Joyce

nnegut believes simple writing is best for several reasons, but mainly because it's simplicity when trying to understand. He refers to several people when trying to explain the benefits of writing wit ...

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Which is More Important to Pip in the First Section of "Great Expectations", to be Loved, or to be a Gentleman? Deals primarily with Pip's upbringing and his relationship with Estella.

begins when he first meets the beautiful and rich Estella, destined to break his heart.What we are trying to understand in this essay, is why Pip would like to become a gentleman. Is it for the love ... l;ade of being the rich uncle who everyone wants to know and respect. However, he is a fraud. He is trying to maintain the impression that he is all-knowing, wealthy Uncle Pumblechook, when really he ...

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Aspects of Social Bonding Theory.

y try to locate individuals in terms of their relationship to one another within the structure.When trying to understand aggressive behavior among adolescents it seems appropriate to focus on the natu ...

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The Obstacle Course Known as Childhood. An essay about the difficulties of childhood using "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee as its source.

One of the most difficult time in a person's life is childhood. It is a time where human beings are trying to understand the world around them. This is how it is for the lives of the fictional charact ...

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AP Environmental Science HW Chp4

their nonliving environment. In effect it is a study of connections in nature. Ecologists focus on trying to understand the interactions between organisms, populations, communities, ecosystems, and t ...

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Death In Venice: Symbolism, Opinions, Etc ...

while I was reading it, until I got to the end, when I read this book again, this time not as much trying to understand the plot, because I already knew (about the plaque and the death at the end), b ... he plot, because I already knew (about the plaque and the death at the end), but instead, this time trying to replace many things that were symbols or what they could represent. When I did this, this ...

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Discuss the combination in Tess' character of passiveness and assertiveness

fluctuates from one to the other. She is constantly battling against her oppression as a female and trying to understand new experiences which are the major causes of her inconsistency.She has a sense ...

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Biology career research on immunology

at do a new generation vaccine against malaria, and an immunotherapy for cancer, have in common? Or trying to understand why transplanted organs are rejected, or suppressing diseases like multiple scl ...

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"The Impact of Technology on Humanity" Explains the impact of technology on our lives. (781 words)

time, provide us with new and innovative products/services, and also annoy the hell out of us when trying to understand what it is the novel for the TV remote is saying! With the rapid increase of te ...

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frustration in performing everyday tasks and that there are ways to overcome or control dyslexia.In trying to understand dyslexia one must know that dyslexia is a genetic disorder. Dyslexia does not d ...

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A historical analysis on the study of optics from pre-Socratic times through the age of Newton. By Adam R.

eeks were studying optics over two thousand years ago, and that they spent a good deal of effort in trying to understand this faculty. The natural philosophers of this era found a great interest in op ...

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Consumer Behaviour

ict consumer behaviour. It is essential therefore to try to clearly recognise the many problems, in trying to understand consumer behaviour in a precise, reliable and significant way.'The study of con ...

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