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Dosage du glucose sanguin. Discussion et conclusion!!

onse face à sa concentration inconnue. Aussi, quand est arrivé le temps de mettre les tubes de Folin-Wu dans l'eau chaude, l'eau n'était peut-être pas assez chaude. É ... pas assez chaude. Également, peut-être un mauvais calcul du temps lorsque j'ai mis les tubes de Folin-Wu dans l'eau chaude ou dans le bac à glace ont peut faire surgir des ré ...

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Chem Lab, do ions combine in definite ratios.

is performed in which copper (II) sulfate and sodium carbonate are placed together in various test tubes, with various quantities of each chemical and a chemical reaction should happen. The time for ... known to form a precipitate.MATERIALS-Safety glasses-10 ml copper (II0 sulfate solution-Seven test tubes-10 ml sodium carbonate solution-1 test tube rack- Tap water-Masking Tape-Two Eye DroppersPROCE ...

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Comparison paper: Squeezing The Toothpaste Verses Rolling The Toothpaste

s obvious to me, that a straight and rolled tube of toothpaste tends to stay clean; whereas trashed tubes tend to get messy.I have even seen a trashed tube spew, if squeezed just right. Stick a fork i ...

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8. Glue on the straw to the 12 inch body tube.9. Cut out the crescent shape that attaches both body tubes and glue it around the body tube.10. Fold and glue the cord and the trapezoid shaped paper. It ...

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The importance of dreams in th

. You think I want to spend fifty-five years down there in that-celotex interior! with- fluorescent-tubes! Look! I'd rather somebody picked up a crowbar and battered out by brains- than go back mornin ...

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Chemistry Lab : Determining the melting point

- 67.7 3.7 thermometer without it breaking.1) We had difficulties trying to get the chemical in the tubes without breaking the tube either.2) We had difficulties trying to have the chemical pushed dow ...

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Power is essentially the ability to act or do, it

New World is based upon a society in which reproduction is simply a scientific measure left to test tubes and sex is recreational. The hierachal class system is pre-determined and power lies with a ve ...

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Silence, What Do You Hear?

from day to day.My ears felt as if they were slowly clogging up. Ear wax was pouring down into the tubes of my ears because I was paying such close attention to what I was listening to. I looked over ...

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Krocker vs. Kamakazi Ski Lodge Limited

get charged due to the fact that he does not run the competition and has the job of only giving the tubes to competitors. He has no control over the race or it's competitors, although he could suggest ...

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Crocker vs. The Kamakazi Ski Lodge Limited

get charged due to the fact that he does not run the competition and has the job of only giving the tubes to competitors. He has no control over the race or it's competitors, although he could suggest ...

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Cell volume

is experiment, the control tube is the one that transmit light the most compare to the other eleven tubes, and that increasing the concentration will affect the conductivity of the solution. So as the ...

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Beet Lab: Stressing Membranes

h depicts the colorimeter values obtained for samples of beet cores from each of the different test tubes measured at different temperatures. Tube 1 was at -5C, Tube 2 was at 5C, Tube 3 was at 20C, Tu ... trations of acid solvent. Concentrations of 100%, 50%, 25%, and 1% were added to the beet core test tubes to measure the degree of damage to the cell membrane and the amount of betacyanin that was rel ...

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Write an extended response beginning with "He told me one last story. He used his aged, ruined voice like an old man's hands to pick the lock on his past..."

e like an old man’s hands to pick the lock on his past, on our past. I lay quietly in a web of tubes, wires and intravenous drips. We both knew that it wasn’t these things that kept me alive ...

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An Investigation of Photosynthetic Electron Transport of Chloroplasts from Silverbeet Leaves

DCPIP (ml) (add this last)- spectrophotometer tubes were numbered and solutions A-D were added according to the volumes shown in Table 1. Tube 1 w ... and mixing of contents. Immediately following the time zero reading, tube 2 was wrapped in foil and tubes 6 and 7 were placed into larger tubes covered in red and green cellophane respectively. Tubes ...

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