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Earth's tides. How the moons gravity and other factors affects this natural pattern.

sphere. These forces together conspire to make our planet'soceans into a battleground. These forces tug the oceans this way and that wayaround the globe, thus creating high tides and low tides.The Moo ... t on the oceans is morenoticeable. At the point on the Earth directly beneath the Moon, the ocean istugged into a bulge of high water. At the same time, a second tidal bulge formson the opposite side ...

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as struggling to cross the slippery puddle- filled streets. The crossing guard at the corner felt a tug at her leg and it was Tommy waiting to cross. He waited patiently at the corner until traffic se ...

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Safe Sex?

heart beats faster. Soon you are in each other's arms kissing softly at first, then fervently. You tug at each other's clothes and both kneel to the sand. The condom comes on. You join in passionate ...

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The Mirror of Frost

t way. Perhaps the sense of separation found in "The Mending Wall" strikes a chord, or the timeless tug along "The Road Not Taken" is one personally felt.When I first read the "Mending Wall" I was str ...

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What I Want

e Palestinians, because every time I hear that there has been another attack I could feel something tug at me from inside. I want all the people who think about murdering or robbing someone to be put ...

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Plato's View of the Body and Soul

irit, or our emotions, easy to govern but if given free reign, will lead to an unhappy life. Like a tug on the reign, education and ideals will easily convert emotions into moral virtues. The other ho ...

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The proper use of toilet paper

xing issue one day as I noticed that my paper was easier to unravel than normal, with the slightest tug the whole roll unraveled itself all over my bathroom floor, "what a mess!" I shrieked in horror. ...

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t out of the water while holding onto a stiff handle and long rope. Lying back awaiting the initial tug from the boat leaves you shaking in the water, with no positive expectations. Once you manage to ...

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Diane felt her dog, Tag tugging her jeans. She pushed the Golden Retriver away gently. She was trying to knit a scarf for he ... trated as it proved difficult to do knitting without the help of her eyes. However Tag continued to tug her, making Diane mad and was about to lecture him for bothering her when she heard him whining. ... evertheless, the whining still continued and was even getting louder and louder.At this moment, Tag tugged at her and gave a bark. Diane then relented and decided to trust the dog. She got up and let ...

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To Sting Or Not To Sting?

the guitar neck getting warped one should choose a lighter set. Sandberg adds, "Light gauge strings tug on the bridge of a typical-sized guitar with about 125 pounds worth of tension." This could also ...

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ince then scientists have linked the moon and tide. Scientists now know that the moon gives a small tug to all objects on the earth, a gravitational pull, but the objects on land aren't affected signi ... n's gravitational pull affects the water, tides are formed. The moon's gravitational pull today has tugged on the earth so much that the Earth has turned slightly oval; the moon stretched the globe ou ...

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That One Last Fish (fishing)

ay through it after only an hour. About 20 minutes later Kevin cast. Within minutes there was a big tug on the pole. He reeled it in as fast as he could. I told him to slow down or the hook would brea ...

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Glacier Park

join into a solid mass of ice, a glacier. The ice body eventually begins to flow downhill under the tug of gravity This was how the Glaciers in Glacier national Park were formed. Throughout the years, ...

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The title of Wyatt Prunty?s poem, ?Elderly Lady Crossing on

?t an accident for her; it was a daily event. The final metaphor in the last stanza (?she?s a small tug on the tidal swell?) shows that the speaker feels that even though she thinks that she?s very im ... mother, or a bride?). He ends the poem by saying that she is nothing in this world (?she?s a small tug on the tidal swell?), which further explains her unhappy and mean behavior, and that she behaves ...

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