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Cancer and how it begins.

roductiona.What is Cancer?b.Conditions on which cancer begins.c.Two Gene Classesi.Proto-oncogenesii.Tumor Suppressor GenesII.Signaling Systems go Wronga.Oncogenesi.Ras family1.Ras proteinsii.Myc famil ... Furthermore, each cancer has unique features. Still, the basic resources that produce these diverse tumors appear to be quite similar.The thirty trillion cells of the normal, healthy body live in a co ...

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Breast Cancer

cers. It is a very aggressive and fast growing cancer. In situ: an early stage of cancer in which a tumor is confined to the immediate area where it began. Cancer remains confined to ducts or lobules. ... ry carcinoma: This is an infiltrating breast cancer, with a well defined, distinct boundary between tumor tissue and normal tissue. Mutinous carcinoma: This is a rare type of invasive breast cancer fo ...

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The Use of Telomerase in Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment of Cancer: With a Special Look at Breast Cancer

se mutated cells begin to grow at a much accelerated rate due to mutated genes called oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. Oncogenes are mutated varieties of proto-oncogenes, which are genes that mon ... itor cell growth and division. The mutation causes cells to grow and divide at an accelerated rate. Tumor suppressor genes are genes that help monitor this cell growth, which includes controlling the ...

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The Search For Better Health

t regulate the cell cycle are:Proto-oncogenes: These produce proteins that stimulate divisionTumour suppressor genes: These produce proteins that stop divisionIn healthy cells, these two are balancedI ... d proto-oncogenes are called oncogenes and cause uncontrolled cell division (cancers)Mutated tumour suppressor genes lose their ability to control cell division. The rate of cell division increases an ...

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