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Networking Architecture and Hardware

ent, more expensive network concentrators/hubs and network interface cards. In addition, category 5 twisted pair or fiber optic cable is necessary. Protocol is a set of rules that manage the communica ... network are placed in Spanning-Tree Protocol backup mode.The cable, I suggest to use unshielded twisted pair cabling (UTP).Nowadays, UTP is a popular choice to use in the media. It has four pairs ...

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Databases In Telecommunications

ons. Obviously, the wireless user doesn't have any physical connections to the network. There is no twisted pair, fiber line, or co-ax connecting them. In a wireless network the users lead a virtual e ...

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loop or last mile is the link between the CO and the customer. The local loop is mainly made up of twisted-pair copper wire. Twisted-pair cables are classified by the wire gauge and the number of pai ... tension as part of an outside plant. Local loops are routed from the customer to the CO over twisted-pair cable. The twisted pair could be either aerial cable which is supported by poles. Aeria ...

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Network Design IT/230

ecial connectors are needed. The problem also is that Fiber optic is very expensive compared to the twisted pair and coaxial cable.Star Topology is all nodes are connected to one central point that ro ... chap4.htmPhysical media are made out of metal wire or thin, glass cables. Metal wire media includes twisted pair wire and coaxial cable in which signals are sent in the form of electrical impulses. Gl ...

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