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The Roots of Blues Music

Blues is a very important type of music. Most music that you hear today has some form of blues in it. If it wasn't for the blu ...

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Expository Essay

ot only listen to the music that they like, but to support that band.There are many, many different types of music, and usually a certain bandwill fit into a specific type of music. I listen mostly to ...

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A Portrait Of Duke Ellington

t for music. In the beginning of his musical life, Duke began to take a promising interest in a new type of music that would later be called jazz. Choosing to base his career on a new idea may not hav ...

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This essay is about the history of Rock and Roll and how it changed society.

Rock and Roll- A Great Movement in MusicThe type of music that later became known as "rock and roll" evolved in the mid 1950's. It was a combina ... d that the British seemed to claim rock music. However, from the music of the Beatles emerged a new type of rock music, which became known as folk rock. This type of music, also popularized by singers ... romance and love lyrics with church music to form an "upbeat, gospel style of rock and roll". This type of "black music", as it was referred to, became incredibly popular during this time of civil ri ...

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Rock & Roll: Its effects on our culture

fs in AJohnny Be Good,@ but it was Johnnie Johnson who actually came up with the idea to play those types of guitar riffs. Johnson was born in West Virginia and started playing the piano at the age of ... d the crowd went nuts for it. Johnson didn=t realize that Berry was getting the credit for this new type of music and could frankly care less. He was just happy to be playing each show, state to state ...

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Looking into Country Music.

Looking into Country MusicAlthough there are many modes of appeal in every type of music, some would say that you are able to more easily detect ethos, pathos, and logos in co ... director, they are both well known and have outstanding movie history.Country music is not the only type of music that a person can analyze and be able to find distinctive modes of appeal. You are abl ... all music, from punk to classical, even rock 'n' roll. You can find ethos, pathos, and logos in all types of music. You just have to know what you are looking for. You can find emotion (pathos) in rap ...

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A document on music.

that would normally be deemed inappropriate are viewed as acceptable due to the fact that a certain type of music is playing. Through a few experiences and observances, I have discovered the sociologi ... irection. There is no doubt that these actions are the direct effect of this particular music. This type of music can lead to a state of mind where these activities are a main focus in a person's way ...

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Finding Emo: A Comprehensive explanation and look at the evolution and existence of Emo as a music genre as well as cultural influence.

down music into genres, target groups, geographical popularity, and so on. One such genre is a new type of music which has been labeled as Emo, which can be analyzed particularly easily because it is ... can include an anything two sizes too small from the Salvation Army, tight dark blue jeans with any type of studded belt, button up sweaters or denim, and Reebok or Saucony sneakers (Dobi). Accessorie ...

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How artists are blamed for violence in today's society

Violent lyrics cause violent behavior?Music has been around for thousands of years. Certain types of music appeal to everyone. When was the last time you have heard someone say that they don't ... of the lyrics, not the result of out of control people in the crowd. Rap music is a rapidly growing type of music. It has gotten many poverty stricken people out of the ghetto. Also, rap musicians don ...

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Music is purely for relaxation. Do you agree?

gree to a certain extent. The primary purpose of music is for relaxation. Yet, there are many other types of music that does the opposite. The types of music include, dance music, religious music, spi ... usic, ethnic music, children music, Baroque music, classical music and many others. These different types of music have various purposes. Each type of music will invoke different moods in the listener ...

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Different Types of popular music.

Music is all around us. We all grew up listening to some type of music. No one can really determine when music began or which cultures had music first. There ... o back to ancient times. "Popular music is music produced for and sold to a broad audience."(1) The types of popular music we are going to look at are jazz, country-and-western music, rhythm-and-blues ... usic (R&B), rock music, and rap, also know as hip-hop.(1)First, we will look at jazz. Jazz is a type of music that was first developed by African Americans around the first decade of the 20th cent ...

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This essay is about Nature Vs. Nurture. It strongly favors nurture.

erson you start to like the same stuff and talk the same. For me my friend Shawn has influenced the type of music I like (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin...). While I have influenced what kind of cars he li ...

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g that irritated me also irritated the people in the bands Istarted listening to. People label this type of music as "punk." "Punk" is defined in Webster's NewWorld Dictionary as "a loud, fast, and de ... hemselves.With this in mind, we are attempting to distribute Revolution Poppycock to many different types ofpeople - not just the punk/anarchist community that would normally have access to this sort ...

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Persuasive Essay: The Confederate Flag As A Symbol Of Hate

a lot about a person whom you might not really know. For instance, band stickers can tell you what type of music the person driving might listen to. A person might stick a religious sticker on their ...

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Jazz Theory: All That Pizzazz (A research paper on jazz theory and music theory)

at PizzazzMusic theory in general is the basic arrangement of notes to form sounds that compose any type of music. Music theory is then broken down into several sub-categories based on the style of th ... onic scale is C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do). There are several different types of scales. The names and types of scales are determined by raised (sharp) or lowered (flat) sc ...

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History of Rhythm and Blues

o music. In the late 1940's, black dancers turned to big bands playing blues on the saxophone. This type of music had a heavy beat. It was louder, and it soon brought on different styles: small sax-an ...

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Proces Analisys: Working a CD player

o the listener.Now begins the true challenge, of getting the music to play. After you have chosen a type of music and have a CD, you must find your CD player. Now that you have found your CD player, y ... en every thing you have ever wanted it to be. I would advise you to listen to an array of different type of music to get the full enjoyment from this experience, I now that you will thank your self in ...

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What is that great sound?

d happiness. This style of music brings people together to share happy moments or bad tragedy. This type of music allows the musicians to express themselves in their own way and the solos they play. T ... a city that has 5 cities in one. Just like the music that I am presenting about. This music has all types of styles of music put in one. It has its great place in music world today. That great magnifi ...

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The (Mis) Education

surface as a hip hop artist. Younger generations are the most likely to be attracted to this type of music, and the overwhelming disdain for their musical preferences can be stifling. They are ... ets have the opportunity to express a side of their personalities that is otherwise instantly stereotyped and condemned by the public. They try to send messages to the surface about their feelings tow ...

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Business Ethics

people that here music and have internet access are more than likely surf the web and find out what type of music is out there to download into their personal computers. Others prefer to buy the music ... her way to put music up for free or for sale in the future. The judicial system should enforce some type of law and specify what can and cannot be allowed in the internet. Although information technol ...

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